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Tessa Platt '05

A practical good

Harvard law students have always felt the pressure to do well, but the Class of '05 is the first that has to do good.

Gateway to a better world

Expanded program helps Harvard lawyers advance human rights abroad.
Capt. Nick Brown '02

Letter from Baghdad

Nick Brown '02 gained fame as a contestant on the reality show "Survivor." Today his reality is the Green Zone in Baghdad, where he carries a laptop and a rifle as a U.S. Army JAG officer.
Elliot Spitzer

The equalizer

Eliot Spitzer '84 has no time to waste. Instead of hello and a handshake, the New York state attorney general greets a visitor with "OK, let's get to work."
Professor David Barron

Not-So-Eminent Domain

Local governments have long had broad authority to accomplish urban planning through the power of eminent domain--taking land away from private owners for fair market value and converting it to uses that meet public needs.
Elena Kagan and Frederick Schauer

Can Reporters Refuse to Testify?

After columnist Robert Novak published leaked information in July 2003 revealing that Valerie Plame, the wife of a prominent critic of the Bush administration, was a CIA operative, a special prosecutor launched an investigation to determine who was responsible for the leak.

Alumni Notes and Newsmakers

  • Paul V. Applegarth J.D./M.B.A. '74

    Government Startup

    Paul V. Applegarth J.D./M.B.A. '74 runs a government corporation with a new approach to foreign aid.

  • Linda Singer '91

    Social Change Inc.

    Traveling across the country, sowing apple seeds and watching them grow sounds like an American folktale. For Linda Singer '91, it's her job.

  • Samuel J. Heyman ’63

    The Art of Selling Government Service

    As chairman of International Specialty Products Inc., Samuel Heyman '63 is a leader in business. But his early experiences in the U.S. Department of Justice made him a firm believer in government service.