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A photograph of the reading room established in honor of Elihu Root

The Root Room

A room that was meant to offer a respite from the rigors of the Harvard Law School curriculum became a portal to exploring some of the most important issues in American law.
Illustration of a human figure looking up at birds in the sky

Possible Futures

An eclectic group of forward thinkers takes a longer view and imagines what decades from now might hold for HLS and its graduates.
How Have Harvard Scholars Shaped the Law? 1

How Have Harvard Scholars Shaped the Law?

ImeIme Umana ’18, the Harvard Law Review's 131st president, on how scholarship—and the Law Review itself—have changed through the centuries.
Students taking photo of plaque that recognizes the enslaved people who were integral to the founding of Harvard Law School.


On a clear, windy afternoon in early September at the opening of its bicentennial observance, Harvard Law School unveiled a memorial on campus.

Alumni Focus

The Bulletin on Parade

Since April 1948, when the inaugural eight-page issue of the Harvard Law School Bulletin was sent to all graduates, the Bulletin has been covering the school, its students and—in more recent years—its alumni.

Mentors, Friends and Sometime Adversaries 4

Mentors, Friends and Sometime Adversaries

Mentorships between Harvard Law School professors and the students who followed them into academia have taken many forms over the course of two centuries.
Fun in Law

Fun in Law

With jokes, songs and, yes, real talent, the annual Parody show has brought the HLS community together in laughter for more than 50 years.
Audience watching ‘The Paper Chase’ outdoors

Catching ‘The Paper Chase’

During a late-night outdoor screening of “The Paper Chase,” a raucous audience of HLS students and faculty called out the lines “Rocky Horror Picture Show”-style. That evening, the story seemed to have a leavening effect.
HLS's Got Talent! 2

HLS’s Got Talent!

In September, as part of its bicentennial program, Harvard Law School celebrated the arts with a two-day festival featuring the work of alumni, staff, faculty and students.

HLS 200

Picturing Harvard Law School

In this collection of photos selected from the Harvard Law School’s Historical & Special Collections, the Harvard University Archives and the Harvard Law Bulletin, threads of continuity are woven throughout the Law School experience, no matter which decade—or even which century—you arrived.

Letter from the Dean

Interview with a new dean