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Health Law & Policy

  • RX for a public health problem

    July 1, 2005

    Recent studies show an alarming spike in illegal Internet sales of Vicodin, OxyContin and other highly addictive or dangerous drugs to teenagers who don't have prescriptions.

  • Joseph A. Califano Jr. '55

    Is the war on drugs succeeding?

    July 1, 2005

    Drug use is down over the last 25 years, but a half million Americans are in prison for drug offenses. How should success be measured?

  • Write of Passage

    July 1, 2005

    A sampling from this year's crop of 3L papers.

  • Professor Richard H. Fallon

    Fallon on the Supreme Court and Medical Marijuana

    September 1, 2004

    This winter, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a tug-of-war between the states and the federal government over drug policy. We asked constitutional law expert Professor Richard H. Fallon to predict how the Court will rule.

  • Illustration: Burger sitting on the judge's stand

    Food Fight

    September 24, 2002

    The new battle against fast food has found an important ally in Richard Daynard '67, president of the Tobacco Control Resource Center at Northeastern University School of Law.

  • Professor W. Kip Viscusi

    Risky Business

    September 24, 2002

    Not many people have to specify that they don't think it's a good thing that cigarettes kill people. But W. Kip Viscusi mentions it nonetheless because his work--and its subject matter--can be oversimplified, he says. Not to mention vilified.

  • Ira Burnim

    Consumer Advocate

    October 1, 2001

    Ira Burnim's clients are not like the rest of us. They don't want any help. They're just not worth the money, the time, the trouble. They're better off locked away, out of sight.

  • Parenting Choices, Professor Martha A. Field and Valerie A. Sanchez

    April 25, 2000

    In their new book, excerpted below, Martha A. Field and Valerie A. Sanchez present their views of American legal doctrine and social policies that have influenced and still govern procreation and parenting by persons with retardation.