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Sewing Illustration

Mission impossible?

Harvard-trained negotiators are working hard on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, in which everyone seems to know where they want to go but no one knows quite how to get there.
Professor Guhan Subramanian

Designing the deal

Some of the biggest deal makers put the world on hold while they teach in a class led by Professor Guhan Subramanian '98. But they're also there to learn a thing or two about negotiation.

The natural

Peter Carfagna '79 has negotiated for Tiger Woods and other marquee athletes. As sports law has become increasingly diversified, so has he. He now owns two baseball teams.

Blood and Hope: Samuel Pisar’s triumph of the spirit

As a renowned international attorney and a Holocaust survivor, Samuel Pisar LL.M. '55 S.J.D. '59 has experienced mankind's capacity for genius and madness. His survival was a triumph of human spirit. His advocacy for peaceful coexistence is a message from one who has lived through hell on earth.

Inside HLS

  • Not on Her Watch: Rebecca Hamilton ’07 works to stop genocide now

    Few students admitted to Harvard Law School question whether they should build roads instead. But when Rebecca Hamilton '07 spent the summer of 2004 in Sudan trying to help thousands of displaced people get home, she found herself longing for such concrete solutions for the war-torn country.

  • Professor Jody Freeman

    Cooling Off the Planet

    Which works better--regulation or market-based initiatives? We ask Jody Freeman, who joined the HLS faculty this year.

  • Faculty Pro Bono, Four Takes

    When Professor Elizabeth Bartholet ’65 spoke at a conference on international adoption in Guatemala City early this year, she addressed a room full of activists, lawyers and politicians. But at the heart of her speech, and her pro bono advocacy, are children–living in institutions or foster care around the world.

  • Once more, with feeling

    For decades, negotiators have struggled to "separate the people from the problem," one of the cardinal rules set forth in the seminal book "Getting to Yes." But what if the people are the problem--or at least appear to be?

  • Alternative lawstyle

    Alternative lawstyle

    Frank E.A. Sander '52 had nearly two decades under his belt teaching tax and family law at HLS when Chief Justice Warren Burger tapped him to present a paper on alternative dispute resolution 29 years ago.

Kenneth Scott '79

Lawman Abroad

Kenneth Scott '79 makes sure there's no whitewash after ethnic 'cleansing'
Ruth Ellen Fitch '83

Tougher Goals, Softer Style

A hard hat sits on a bookshelf in her office. It's a requirement for visiting the construction site across from the Dimock Community Health Center, but the prop fits Ruth Ellen Fitch '83, the center's president and CEO, in more ways than one.

Building Homes on the Range

Lance Morgan '93 helps the Winnebago Tribe shape its future

Tribute: Henry Steiner and Detlev Vagts

When Henry Steiner '55 and Detlev Vagts '51 published the first edition of "Transnational Legal Problems" in 1968, the collaboration marked a milestone in the field of international law.