Check out our summer job FAQs for answers to more commonly asked questions about the summer public interest job search.

  • Timeline

    Your 2L summer job search should be underway by late July/early August. Employers hire 2Ls much earlier than 1Ls, and it is important to be aware of hiring practices and deadlines for the employers you are interested in. We recommend that you speak with an OPIA adviser over the summer to discuss your 2L job search. Check out our 2L job search timeline for more details about the overarching structure of your search. Additionally, take note of key dates in August and September for bidding and interviewing through the Virtual Public Interest Interview Program (V-PIIP).

  • Apply to Fewer Jobs

    As a 2L, you will be in greater demand than you were as a 1L. This means you can be more selective about the jobs you apply for and will likely need to apply for far fewer jobs than you applied for as a 1L. This also means that you should be proactive about your job search. Don’t necessarily limit your search to job openings you see posted by employers. Be targeted in your approach and don’t hesitate to reach out directly to employers you are interested in working for. Be mindful of your post-graduate career goals and how your 2L summer will help you build the skills and connections you need to reach those goals.

  • Step Up Your Alumni and Attorney Outreach

    It’s important to speak with actual practitioners to learn more about the fields that interest you and to build your connections to attorneys working in those fields. OPIA advisers are happy to speak with you about outreach strategies.

  • Split Summers

    If you are planning to work in the private sector during your 2L summer but are still exploring public interest career options, splitting your summer between a private firm and a public interest organization is a great way to continue to build your public interest track record. Alternatively, if you know you want to work in the public interest, but are unsure about the practice setting or issue areas that interest you most, splitting between two public interest organizations can be an important way to determine the right fit. If you are thinking about splitting your summer, be sure to make an appointment to talk with an OPIA adviser.

  • More Substantive Application Materials

    Now that you have legal experience as a 1L summer intern, make sure to update your resume. You should also include any clinics you plan to enroll in for the Fall or Spring, as well as any student organizations you continue to be involved with (highlighting any leadership roles). Your 2L cover letters should reflect the experience you gained throughout your 1L academic year and summer. If you were able to create a writing sample this summer, be sure to ask for permission to use the sample (with redactions as appropriate) before you leave your internship. OPIA is happy to review your new materials before you start applying for 2L summer jobs.

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