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2L Timeline

2L Timeline

In order to give your job search an overarching structure, we have created a loose timeline below.  The timeline covers the steps you should take during the summer and fall to secure a 2L summer job, as well as the steps you should take during the spring of your 2L year to prepare for your post-graduate job search.  You will, of course, need to adjust the timeline to take into account the hiring practices of the types of organizations you are targeting.


  • Throughout 2L Year

  • Summer 1L Year (Rising 2L)

    June – July

    July – August

    • Make an appointment to strategize with an OPIA advisor regarding your 2L summer search
    • Develop a list of potential employers of interest (generally, we recommend you begin with a list of 5-8 employers; an OPIA advisor can help you determine whether your list should be shorter or longer)
    • Research application deadlines for employers to ensure you don’t miss any
    • Research and bid on Public Interest Interview Program employers of interest, as applicable
    • If interested in 2L work with a federal agency, review OPIA’s DOJ SLIP and HP Guide and the Arizona Handbook (email OPIA for the password)
  • Fall 2L Year

    September – October

    Note: international employers are more likely to hire late into the fall/early winter/spring

    • Participate in relevant job fairs (Public Interest Interview Program, MA Law School Consortium Job Fair, Equal Justice Works Career Fair)


    • Depending on the type of employer you are contacting, begin or continue to send applications and conduct outreach
    • If you contacted or interviewed with employers in October, follow up
    • Make an appointment with an OPIA advisor if you are having trouble landing a job you are excited about
  • Spring 2L Year

    March – April

    – Meet with an OPIA advisor to develop a personal post-graduate job search game plan

    – Meet with Judy Murciano, OPIA’s Fellowships Director, to develop a fellowships game plan and Catherine Pattanayak or Joan Ruttenberg to develop a Government Honors Program game plan (if relevant)

    • Attend OPIA fellowship sessions and post-graduate job search events

    April – May

    • If considering applications for project-based fellowships (Skadden, EJW, etc.), brainstorm potential fellowship sponsors, and begin to apply for sponsorship (sponsorship deadlines may begin as early as April)
    • Apply for early fellowships, as relevant (for example, the Lindsay Fellowship and Aryeh Neier Fellowship)

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