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Students wearing suits standing in a group. They are not speaking to each other and appear to be waiting for something.
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Bar Exams


  • Hotshot Legal uses short videos to teach a range of legal and business topics. The videos provide simple explanations of complex concepts. Topics include Accounting & Finance, M&A Basics, Excel & Data Analysis, and Venture Financing, and new content is continually added.
  • Prepare to Practice program by LexisNexis. This tutorial is design to help students master some of the practical skills you need to arrive practice ready on day one.
  • Developing the Professional Lawyer – Student Tip Videos. Created by the National Association for Law Placement, these interactive e-learning modules are a simple way to help you focus on some of the core elements of professionalism.

Podcasts and Videos

Real World Orientation in the time of Covid-19Video
Summer Success in a Remote SettingVideo
How a Law Firm is Run and Why it Matters to You
Julie Jones, Chair of Ropes and Gray
How a Law Firm is Run and Why it Matters to you
Kevyn Orr, Partner-in-Charge Washington, Jones Day

Updates from Hire Ground

  • Polish Your Professional Presence

    As you begin preparing for networking and your summer job search, review your professional presence to make sure that all your possible interactions with potential employers show you in the best and most professional light. Review our page on polishing your online presence, ensure you have a professional voicemail greeting ready for prospective employers, and

    October 17, 2023

  • Reminder: Close the Loop With EIP Employers

    If you participated in Preview or EIP and were fortunate enough to receive multiple offers, take stock of whether you have tied up all loose ends from the process. If a firm from whom you declined an offer asked you to let them know where you decided to go and you haven’t already done so,

    August 24, 2023

  • Reminders on Post-Graduate Offers

    If you received an offer to return to your summer firm for permanent employment, make sure you are aware of the timelines for your decision. If the offer was made before September 2, you will have until October 1 to accept the offer (or 28 days if the offer was made after September 2). For

    August 24, 2023

  • Pay it Forward and Decline Excess Offers

    If you have multiple outstanding offers, you must narrow your list down to no more than three offers and promptly decline any offers you feel confident you will not accept. The moment you decide a firm is no longer under consideration, promptly decline that offer. Many of your classmates may be on “hold” with firms

    August 22, 2023

  • Following Up After Callbacks

    Remember, if you have not heard back from a firm where you did a callback interview, you can and should follow up, particularly if waiting is holding up a decision on another offer. While hiring decisions after callback interviews can sometimes take a while, if it has been over a week since your interviews, or

    August 22, 2023