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Interviews, Offers, and On the Job Resources

Updates from Hire Ground

  • Do Not Renege on an Accepted Offer

    One of the toughest parts of a job search can be deciding which offer to accept. Remember, once you have accepted an offer it is crucial that you honor your commitment to the employer. Reneging on an accepted offer can tarnish your professional reputation, so only accept an offer if you intend to honor that

    February 22, 2024

  • RSVP Protocol: If you respond “yes” to an event, go!

    Firms track student attendance at their receptions, including no-shows. If, for any reason, you cannot attend an event to which you have RSVP’d “yes” please let the firm know by sending them an email before the event. When it comes to attending events in general, consider the following rubric of scenarios. Best: If you plan

    February 15, 2024

  • Making the Most of Employer Events

    As you know many firms are hosting events for 1Ls this spring. You may not know, however, the purpose of attending. As your first step in EIP preparation, use the events to learn more about the firms, their attorneys, and their work- information that can help you differentiate the firms from one another and be

    February 15, 2024

  • Understanding 2L Summer Expectations With Your 1L Summer Firm Employer

    If you are planning to join a large law firm for 1L summer, do you have a clear sense of the firm’s expectations for 2L summer? If all goes well this summer, does the firm require a “touchback,” meaning 2-4 weeks at the firm during 2L summer, to receive a permanent offer from the firm?

    February 13, 2024

  • Following Up After Events 

    After attending employer events, many students wonder about following up with those they met at the event. After a particularly good or lengthy conversation with an attorney, or if an attorney or recruiter encourages you to follow up, it is entirely appropriate to follow up with an email. This can be as simple as thanking

    February 6, 2024