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Harvard Law School Campus Shoot in Fall 2018. Credit: KDooher

There are multiple factors to consider when you reviewing an offer: some are logistical and factual, while others are more nuanced, and require deeper reflection into your professional aspirations. You may receive one job offer while waiting for another from a preferred employer. Be sure to acknowledge every job offer promptly and enthusiastically even if you need more time to respond definitively.



Podcasts and Videos

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Early OffersPodcast
Evaluating Offers: Seven Factors that MatterPodcast
Evaluating Offers: Seven Factors that Do Not MatterPodcast

Updates from Hire Ground

  • Final Update to OCS Interview Tracker

    We ask that you please enter one final update of your OCS Interview Tracker. Make sure the final update is accurate and includes which offer you have accepted (if you have done so) so that we have good information as we close out the recruiting cycle.

    August 30, 2023

  • Reminders on Post-Graduate Offers

    If you received an offer to return to your summer firm for permanent employment, make sure you are aware of the timelines for your decision. If the offer was made before September 2, you will have until October 1 to accept the offer (or 28 days if the offer was made after September 2). For

    August 24, 2023

  • Deciding Among or Between Offers: Focus on the Important Factors

    Some firms go “all out” when attempting to convince a candidate to accept their offer of summer employment. Other firms take a more subtle approach. Remember, the efforts of a particular firm’s recruitment office are not good indicators of whether or not the firm is the right fit for you. Step back, remind yourself what

    August 22, 2023

  • Pay it Forward and Decline Excess Offers

    If you have multiple outstanding offers, you must narrow your list down to no more than three offers and promptly decline any offers you feel confident you will not accept. The moment you decide a firm is no longer under consideration, promptly decline that offer. Many of your classmates may be on “hold” with firms

    August 22, 2023

  • Update your EIP Interview Tracker

    We ask that you please continue to update your EIP Interview Tracker. Your classmates are still counting on your responses which are crucial as we crowdsource information to maintain the list on our website of firms that have extended callbacks and offers. Our Interview Tracker spreadsheet – which allows you and your classmates to track

    August 22, 2023