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The interview is your chance to differentiate yourself as a candidate. There is no better way to practice interviewing than through networking. Building your network and meeting attorneys is not only a great way to learn about firms and the profession, but it is also an essential skill in a relationship-based industry like the law.


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Updates from Hire Ground

  • Preview Interview Invitations

    Now that Preview bidding is complete, ensure you are ready to schedule and manage Preview interviews. Employers will receive their Preview applications on Thursday, and it is critical to respond promptly to emails and phone calls from employers. Employers have been asked to schedule interviews around your work schedules. If you are asked to interview

    June 18, 2024

  • Preview Interviews

    Firms will receive Preview applications next Thursday, June 20 and interview invitations could begin in the days that follow. Firms have been asked to offer interview times outside of business hours. Once your Preview bids are in, turn your attention to understanding how to schedule and manage Preview interviews (Leg 6 of the EIP Roadmap)

    June 13, 2024

  • Mock Interviews Before Preview

    Interviews for EIP Preview may begin in just over 2 weeks. Now is a great time to conduct a mock interview. Strong interviewing requires both preparation and practice, and conducting a mock interview now will allow you to “shake the rust off” your interviewing skills while gaining valuable feedback. You can schedule a mock interview

    June 4, 2024

  • Summer Interviews

    If you participate in EIP Preview, you may be conducting law firm interviews in just a few weeks. Be sure you are thinking ahead by purchasing or choosing your interview attire, polishing your online presence, and reviewing Leg 5 of the EIP Roadmap for additional interview advice. Now is also a good time to reach

    May 21, 2024

  • Your Narrative and Preparing for Preview Interviews

    You may have interviews through Preview in just a few weeks. Make sure you are well prepared by scheduling a mock interview with an OCS adviser. OCS advisers can work with you on crafting a compelling narrative for employers to help you set yourself apart. Remember, in addition to our usual OCS advising team who

    May 21, 2024