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Learn more about the law school admissions process and HLS community through our online resources and events this fall. See below to learn how you can connect with HLS, and be sure to register in advance where appropriate.

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Recruitment Events

Admissions Information Session

Admissions Podcast

Miriam Ingber (Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Yale Law School) and Kristi Jobson (Assistant Dean for Admissions at Harvard Law School) provide candid, accurate, and straightforward advice about law school admissions — direct from the source. They will be joined by guest stars from other law schools to discuss application timing, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and more.

An Introduction to Harvard Law School

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Harvard Law School offers its students a challenging, supportive atmosphere and access to its unmatched array of course and academic offerings, a global alumni network and a bustling campus life.

An Introduction to HLS

Meet the J.D. Admissions Team

  • From Community College to Harvard Law School

    Community college students form an important part of the Harvard Law School community. Meet Josh and Saeed, two students at HLS who attended community college before transferring to a four-year institution. We hope this post inspires more community college graduates to consider HLS. Josh and Saeed, tell us about your path to Harvard Law. Saeed:

    January 31, 2023

  • Updated Timeline for the 2023 Application Cycle

    It’s been an eventful week in our office, to put it mildly. With our first batch of decisions out, I thought it might be helpful for us to update our expectations for the 2023 Application Cycle Timeline.

    January 12, 2023

  • Should you include a “why Harvard” statement in your application?

    Each year at this time, we receive questions about how applicants should express interest in Harvard Law School. Include a “Why Harvard” essay? Talk about HLS in the personal statement? Maybe an addendum on this topic? The answer to all these questions is the same: no, that’s not necessary.  Let’s start with the separate “why

    December 2, 2022

  • Launching to 1L: How to Make the Most Out of a Law School Event

    In our blog series, Launching to 1L, we offer applicants advice on navigating the application process from beginning to end. To continue this series, we will discuss how to prepare for law-related online and in-person events. Associate Director of Admissions, Courtney McMann Remember that prospective student events, Q&As, and forums are for you. “This an

    November 8, 2022