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Paul Weiler

  • David Otunga speaking behind a podium

    Wrestling with choices: David Otunga ’06

    February 28, 2014

    Professional wrestler David Otunga '06 was the keynote speaker at the Harvard Law School Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law’s 2014 symposium, which also include panel discussions with practicing lawyers, a presentation of student awards, and a recognition of Paul C. Weiler, LL.M. ’65, the Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Emeritus.

  • Sports law symposium brings officials from NFL, NBA and MLB to HLS

    April 8, 2010

    As the three most popular sports leagues in the United States all confront the end of their collective bargaining agreements in 2011, industry representatives previewed the key issues affecting negotiation, during the second annual Sports and the Law Symposium held on March 26.

  • Paul Weiler

    Weiler to receive honorary degree at York University’s 50th Anniversary

    June 23, 2009

    Paul Weiler LL.M. ’65, the Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Emeritus, at HLS, was selected to receive an honorary degree from York University in Toronto, Canada, as part of its convocation ceremonies running from June 24 to 30.

  • Paul Weiler

    Leaving the Mound

    December 1, 2008

    This fall, the classrooms and lecture halls of Harvard Law School no longer reverberated with the voices of two of the institution’s best-known teachers—Professors Arthur R. Miller ’58 and Paul C. Weiler LL.M. ’65. Miller ended his 36-year HLS career last year, and Weiler retired after 26 years of teaching at the school.

  • Recent Faculty Honors

    September 28, 2000

    Professor William Alford ’77 has been named an honorary fellow of the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, honorary professor of…

  • A better world for fans

    July 18, 2000

    Professor Paul Weiler LL.M. '65 scores one for sports fans in his new book Leveling the Playing Field: How the Law Can Make Sports Better for Fans (Harvard University Press, 2000).

  • From the ballpark to the box office

    April 26, 1998

    More than a dozen years ago, student and alumni interest in the role law plays in sports prompted Professor Paul Weiler LL.M. '65 to introduce an HLS seminar called Sports and the Law. Since then, matters such as labor disputes between players and team owners and the impact of rules requiring equivalent college athletics programs for men and women students have been regular fare in Weiler's classroom.