Paul Weiler LL.M. ’65, the Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Emeritus, at HLS, was selected to receive an honorary degree from York University in Toronto, Canada, as part of its convocation ceremonies running from June 24 to 30.

The university will confer 14 honorary degrees upon “distinguished individuals with myriad backgrounds and accomplishments” in celebration of its 50th Anniversary.

A former professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School, a constituent school of York University, Weiler is considered one of Canada’s leading constitutional law minds and has been described as the “foremost labour scholar in North America.”

Weiler served as legal advisor to Prime Minister Trudeau and was one of the most influential figures in the construction of the 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Since joining the HLS faculty in 1978, Weiler has taught labor law, tort, and sports and entertainment law. He’s written several books, including “Sports and the Law” (1998), “Entertainment, Media and the Law” (2002), and “Leveling the Playing Field: How the Law Can Make Sports Better for Fans” (2000).

A graduate of the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School, and Harvard Law School, Weiler served as chairman of the British Columbia Labour Relations Board and was appointed chief counsel to the Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations by President Clinton.