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Where do I find information on newly added courses or class scheduling changes?
Is there a place I can find course evaluations?
Where can I find the course descriptions?
What are my credit requirements? How do the credits from my first year apply toward my degree?
What is the residency requirement?
Do I have to register for all three winter terms?
Can I substitute a 1L January Experiential Term course for another similar course at the Law School or another Harvard School?
Can I add myself to the waitlist of another 1L January Experiential Term course or spring upper-level elective?
Why do I need to take a 1L January Experiential Term course?
Can I drop my 1L January Experiential Term or spring elective course?
How many spring upper-level elective preferences can I submit?
Is there a different between the 1L January Experiential Term Negotiation Workshop and the Negotiation Workshop that is available for preferencing in the Spring Elective round?
If I applied for a by-permission course and I have not yet heard anything about my acceptance into the course, what should I do?
If a by-permission class is listed on my Spring Elective Section List and I know it is scheduled at the same time as my 1L class, can I still apply for it?
If I was admitted into a by-permission course do I need to submit spring elective preferences?
I did not get into one of my higher choices during the 1L January Experiential Term round; will this mean I am also not going to do well in the spring elective round?
Why do I see more classes in Helios then I do on my Section list for my spring upper-level elective?
I am in Helios and I cannot see where I submit my preferences?
Is there any advantage to submitting my bids early?
Can I rearrange my preferences once I submit them?
What happens if I incorrectly enter a course not on my Section List into my preferences?
How can I ensure I am preferencing the correct courses?
How do I know my bids are submitted?
Will I see an email confirmation after I submit my bids during the registration window?
What is the Confirmation of Bids email?
When will I hear more about the waitlist process?
There are courses for which I was waitlisted and I no longer have an interest in taking. What can I do?