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What is Exam4?
Will I have access to normal editing functions?
Is there spell check?
Does the software do anything strange that I'm not used to when writing?
Can I use footnotes?
Do I have to use Exam4 if I'm going to write my exam on my laptop?
Will I still be able to take my takehome exam on a library or computer lab computer?
What if I still have problems or questions with the download or installation?
I'm not sure my computer will be compatible with the exam software. What do I do?
I have a Mac. Is there anything that is different between Macs and Windows?
Will the software take up a lot of room on my hard drive and make my computer slower?
What if I have a problem with my laptop during exams?
I download this once, and then I'm done, right?
Do I have to take a practice exam?
How do I take a practice exam?
Can I access my practice exam, or get a copy of my answer after I submit it?
What is my Exam ID?
What do the different exam modes mean?
How can I end my take-home exam and then get back in while I'm writing my exam?
Can I write my takehome exam in Word?
What is the Security Check?
The Security Check found a file that is a security risk. Can someone override it so I can start my exam?
What is the Answer Separator?
There's an option for Multiple Choice - what is that?
Will Exam4 save my exam as I'm typing it?
What happens if my computer crashes during the exam?
What if _____________ (fill in your own situation here) happens during my exam?
How can I tell how many pages I've written?
I accidentally ended my in-class exam when I didn't mean to. Can I get back into it?
My completed exam didn't upload. What should I do?
Can I review my exam after I've submitted it?
How will take-home exams be different with Exam4?
I submitted my take-home exam, but now I would like to edit it and re-submit it. Can I do that?
Can I still do my any-day take-home exam over the weekend?
When do I have to download my one-day take-home exam?
I like to write a lot for exams - is there a maximum page limit?
If I am taking my exam away from Cambridge in a different time zone, do I need to follow the Eastern Standard Time when determining my start and end times?