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Harvard Law School StudentsOne of the great advantages of Harvard Law School is its position within Harvard University. HLS is surrounded by some of the finest programs in business, government, economics, public health, education, design, and a number of other fields. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the broader university through participation in activities, research, and events at other schools; by cross-registering for classes; and by pursuing joint and concurrent degrees.

JD students may count up to 12 credits, and LL.M. students up to 6 credits, from courses taken at other Harvard schools, the Fletcher School at Tufts, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, toward their degree requirements. Cross-registration takes place at the beginning of each semester and involves getting instructor permission for the course or courses you would like to take at the other school.

To pursue a joint degree, students must apply separately to each school, as each school independently reviews and accepts applicants to their degree program. Once accepted to each school, students should fill out a joint program application. The joint program application can be completed any time during the first year of study at Harvard. Typically, joint and concurrent degree students will enter one degree program for the first year of study while deferring enrollment at the other school until the second year of their programs.

For more information about joint and concurrent degree programs, study abroad, and other interdisciplinary programs, visit the special programs website.