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HLS faculty member teaching class

In every area of the law of interest to today’s law students—and even some areas that may not, at first, seem to be of interest—HLS faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research, writing the most important articles, books, and casebooks across the legal curriculum. In addition, Harvard Law’s faculty members surpass all others in the role they play influencing jurists and policy-makers in real-world cases and controversies. The research and writing projects of Harvard’s faculty provide students with the most diverse array of potential scholarly pursuits of any law school in the country. Through browsing our faculty profiles, you will get a glimpse of the rich array of intellectual resources that are available to students at the Harvard Law School. Far from merely being spectators in this process, students at HLS are actively involved, working with faculty members as research assistants and thought partners. Students are also supported in their own endeavors, with active mentorship by faculty members and an array of research opportunities helping them to pursue their own scholarly research.

For just under two centuries, Harvard Law School has been training many of America’s leading and most innovative lawyers. The great movements of legal thought have had their origins and, often, their greatest flowering here at HLS, through its faculty, through its students who have gone on to professorships here and elsewhere, and through leading judgeships. Paralleling and complementing that process, Harvard Law graduates have gone on to top faculty positions at all the leading law schools. The process continues today across the wide spectrum of analytical and interpretive views held by HLS’s growing faculty.