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Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA.Every year, Harvard Law School attracts some of the world’s brightest future legal minds with our combination of outstanding academics and accomplished faculty.

HLS students have the flexibility to tailor Harvard’s broad educational resources to their individual needs and interests by drawing upon an exhaustive curriculum, the most extensive clinical programs in the nation, numerous independent study options, cross-registration with other Harvard University programs, study abroad, and joint or concurrent degree programs.

HLS is a busy global community and a crossroads of American and international legal education. World leaders — from Supreme Court Justices to community organizers — regularly come to share their ideas and experiences with the HLS community.

Harvard Law School offers the intellectual vitality of a large school while maintaining a number of small school opportunities. HLS students work directly with faculty, form life-long friendships, engage in interactive and collegial learning, and connect theory to practice while working in the community.

Harvard Law School has trained more of today’s American law professors than any other law school and continues to build on that tradition with expanded opportunities to publish, work one-on-one with faculty, and to develop independent scholarly programs. Students at Harvard Law School have significant opportunities to research, write, and present their work in a scholarly setting, to participate in faculty seminars, and to prepare for a life in academia. The extensive reach of the law school’s curriculum permits students to make new connections within legal scholarship, while the opportunity for study outside the law school supports extensive interdisciplinary options.

Cutting-Edge Research Centers

HLS students can affiliate with any of the Law School’s research centers. These cutting-edge idea laboratories produce new knowledge across a range of fields including civil rights, human rights, East Asian Legal Studies, Islamic Law, international financial systems, law and economics, cyberlaw, negotiation, and more.