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The GRE @ HLS: Five Reflections on Year One

July 16, 2018

It’s summertime in Austin Hall, but we know many of you are thinking ahead to the 2018 – 2019 cycle. One question we’ve heard a lot this summer: How did the GRE pilot shake out in 2017 – 2018?

Associate Director: Odeviz Soto

July 9, 2018
Associate Director: Odeviz Soto

Odeviz Soto, Associate Director of Admissions, helps ensure that each application is processed and reviewed properly, and that each applicant finds out our decision in a timely matter.

The Front Office: Alessandra Luedeking and Ralph Vieux

July 2, 2018
The Front Office: Alessandra Luedeking and Ralph Vieux

We’re in the front office on the second floor of Austin Hall. Here, we handle all external communications from applicants, admitted students, and visitors – email, phone, and in-person. We introduce Harvard Law School and make it accessible by responding to questions and unpacking the application process.


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In compliance with ABA Standard 509, HLS provides information about Harvard Law School and its JD Program to current and prospective students. The Standard 509 Information Report is compiled from the latest (AY 2016) information submitted in the annual ABA questionnaire.