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Rolling Admission: Benefits of Applying Early

August 15, 2018

Speaking to prospective students this summer on the road, a number asked whether there is any advantage to submitting an application “early” in the cycle. The short answer: yes.  The lawyerly answer: it depends.

Reflections on a 1L Summer

August 13, 2018
Reflections on a 1L Summer

Heather is a 2L at Harvard Law who spent her summer at the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, and has shared her reflections on her first HLS summer work experience.

Faculty have the ‘last’ word

Harvard Law Today

Each year, the graduating class selects HLS faculty members impact insight, advice, and final words to wisdom to the graduating class. HLS has posted this year’s Last Lectures, featuring faculty members Carol Steiker ’86, Alex Whiting, Paul Butler ’86, and Jody Freeman LL.M. ’91, S.J.D. ’95. There are some great nuggets of advice for prospective HLS students. Enjoy!


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