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Alumni Conversations: Reggie Chambers ’01

October 20, 2020
Alumni Conversations: Reggie Chambers ’01

Reggie Chambers ’01 is a Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer of the Consumer Bank of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Previously, he worked in Big Law, investment banking, private equity, the White House, and management consulting. Outside of work, he teaches the development of economic policies at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Real Talk: Expressing Interest During the Application Process

October 13, 2020

Our next installment of the Real Talk blog series covers the question of how expressing interest in HLS plays into the application process.

From Women’s Colleges to HLS

October 6, 2020
From Women’s Colleges to HLS

Admitted students often ask us to introduce them to current students who attended the same undergraduate institution. Last year, a few admitted students who attended women’s colleges asked to speak to current students who also attended women’s colleges. Those connections inspired this blog post. We thought we would interview a few women’s college graduates to pass on their insights more broadly.

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