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Faculty pursuing sponsored research should reach out to the Financial office early and often.

We recognize that faculty maintain relationships with funding sources and conversations occur in many informal ways, but as you begin the grant proposal process, it is important to involve the Financial Office on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is available to talk through any proposal submission questions you may have. Specific guidelines on the grant proposal process for HLS and the University are below.

All proposals need to be received by the OSP 5 business days before the grant submission due date.

All proposals should include:

Note new requirements for Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Send your proposal to BOTH Leah Keating (HLS Finance) and Bridget Testa (HLS Development).

Note: All correspondence with OSP must cc: Leah Keating, Katie McGrath, and Bridget Testa. In general this should be an inclusive process to keep all parties up to date with specific developments.

Sponsored Research Proposal Review Process

The Review Process for submitting and reviewing sponsored research proposals moves in three steps:

1. HLS Review

Please submit all proposal materials to the Financial Office at least 10 days prior to the grant submission deadline for review and prior to submission to OSP. Grants including Cost Sharing or Subcontracts often add complications; earlier communication can facilitate a smoother submission process.

For fundraising (grant or gift opportunities) in an international context, please reach out to the Dean, Financial dean, or Administrative Dean as early as possible. The Financial Office will review your proposal and be in contact with you if further information is needed or any issues arise, and will work with you to submit your proposal to the University and OSP.

The Submission to the University must occur at least 5 days prior to the OSP submission deadline

This is a firm deadline for OSP and cannot be changed.

The Financial Office will notify the Dean’s Office and the Development Office of the proposal and forward to OSP if the budget proposed is small and no significant changes are required or red flags raised.

As required by the Corporation, a proposal must be submitted to the Vice Provost for International Affairs if it has any of the following characteristics:

  • It has an annual budget over $1.5 million
  • It involves the establishment of a significant, long-term physical presence of the University (including any of its schools, departments, or centers) outside the United State. Examples: the establishment of an international office; a project calling for two or more Harvard faculty or staff to relocate outside the United States for more than six months
  • The project involves the use of the name “Harvard University” or requires specific approval by the President or the Provost
  • The Project might pose particular risks to, or especially complex commitments on the part of the University or its students, faculty or staff

The Vice Provost may refer any such projects for review by the University Committee on International Projects and Sites (UCIPS). The UCIPS will ordinarily review projects involving the establishment of an international office or other long-term international presence. In general it is better to have any project approved by the Dean before engaging in a UCIPS/Provost-led process. The following three documents may be of help with considering international opportunities.

2. OSP Submission

After proposal has been reviewed by the HLS Financial Office and is ready for submission, send all materials to Debby Dunlap at the Office of Sponsored Programs. Proposals must be received by OSP at least 5 days prior to the Sponsor’s submission deadline.

Note: If a proposal is in response to an RFP, the RFP must be sent to OSP at least one week prior to the deadline to allow adequate time for review of the RFP’s terms and conditions

For more key information, refer to the Office of Sponsored Programs website or the Office of Sponsored Programs Policies page.

3. Award Management

If and when your proposal has been accepted and an award is granted, your work will continue in setting up and managing the award. A wealth of resources is located on the OSP Website, including an object code listing, info on budgeting in the GL, and cost transferring.


For Financial Office questions, please contact:

Leah Keating @ 4-7759

For OSP questions, please contact:
Pre-Award Management: Debby Dunlap – (617) 496-3131 | deborah_dunlap [at]
Post-Award Management: Bernette Steptoe – (617) 496-2527 | bernette_steptoe [at]