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Below is a list of forms commonly used for financial applications. While not exhaustive, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you see something’s missing, let us know!

Tax Certificates

Reimbursements, Citi Corporate Card, Purchasing Card

Invoices & Payment Requests

  • Bank Draft Authorization Form – To have the check cut in a foreign currency, enclose this form with the payment request
  • Check Inquiry Request Form – Please use this form to request that a stop payment be placed on a check or to request that a check be reissued
  • Deposit/Prepayment Form – Please use this form when a deposit or a prepayment is required for a particular event or service
  • Foreign Wire Transfer Form – This form is used to wire payment to a vendor in a foreign currency and needs to be attached to the payment request. Please note that a foreign currency wire transfer can be submitted in any dollar amount. We have included a job aid to help with processing both foreign and USD wires.
  • In Lieu of Invoice Form – Please use this form when an invoice isn’t available
  • Wire Transfer Form – This form is used to wire a USD payment to a vendor. Please enclose this form with the payment request and note that the minimum dollar amount for US wires is +$1000. Please note that while we are working remotely US wires require an exception approval from Central Finance. Otherwise they aren’t doing them. We have also attached a job aid here for help with processing both foreign and USD wires.

Cash Inflow, Credit Vouchers, Gifts

  • For gifts to HLS, please go through the HLS Development Office. Here are the instructions on how to do so.
  • Check Redeposit Form – Please use this form when you would like to request that a check be redeposited back into a specific coding string
  • Credit Voucher Form – Cash and checks must be recorded on the Credit Voucher with the correct coding strings and must be typed. Please submit one CV form per type of note (i.e., one CV for US checks, one CV for cash, one for Canadian bank notes, etc.).


  • The support for our student workforce is through our HLS Human Resources Department. Student workers have the dedicated support of  a Human Resource Generalist who can assist in the hiring and student onboarding process and answer any questions and concerns related to employment at the Law School. Learn more about the HLS student hiring process.
  • FormStack Funding Change Request Form – Please complete/submit this form when you need to request a personnel funding change for either roster or contingent employees.  Roster is object 6050 (Exempt) or 6070 (Non Exempt).  Contingent is all other salaries and wages objects. Be sure to list all of the funding sources required for the employee and that the distribution percentages total 100%.

Incoming Wire Transfer Information