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Coronavirus Update

Review the updated COVID-19 Travel Guidance from the University’s COVID-19 website. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Travel Reimbursements

Reimbursements for travel related expenses cannot be made until after the travel has taken place. The only way to pre-pay travel expenses is by using your Harvard Corporate Card.

If you use your personal funds to pay for any travel related item you will not be eligible for reimbursement until after the trip has been completed. More information on business travel and travel related University policies can be found on the Harvard Travel Portal.

Requirements for Online Receipts

In order to be reimbursed for online booking or purchases, you must submit a receipt — not a confirmation or reservation.

  • Passenger name
  • Issue date
  • Ticket number: A ticket number on the receipt indicates that a ticket has been paid for.
  • Total payment
  • Itinerary or routing
  • Payment Type (last four digits of credit card) -or- Proof of payment (credit card statement or cancelled check + MRA)

Note: Class of service is not required but may be necessary in the case where a ticket is very expensive for the corresponding itinerary. First class is not an allowable expense.


  • Rail ticket stub showing date of travel, traveler’s name, ticket amount, and proof of purchase
  • Amtrak email/electronic receipt


  • Name and address of hotel
  • Guest name
  • Number of guests
  • Check in and out dates
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of nights
  • Price per night
  • Total Payment
  • Payment Type (last four digits of credit card) -or- Proof of payment (credit card statement or cancelled check + MRA)
  • Date purchased

Conference / Event Registrations

  • Name of attendee
  • Name of conference
  • Amount paid
  • Dates
  • Payment Type (last four digits of credit card) -or- Proof of payment (credit card statement or cancelled check + MRA)

Other Miscellaneous Purchases

  • Name and address of vendor
  • Date purchased
  • Itemization
  • Amount paid
  • Payment Type (last four digits of credit card) -or- Proof of payment (credit card statement or cancelled check + MRA)

When in doubt, contact your Financial Office Liaison!

Get started with Concur

Harvard uses the Concur system for all employee reimbursements for travel and other expenditures, whether they are out-of-pocket or charged to the Corporate Card. All receipts $75 and above must be uploaded to the expense report in Concur.

  • Log in to Concur at
  • Set up a Concur profile, verify your email address, provide bank information, set up a mobile PIN
  • Employees generally create their own reports, some have delegates able to assist.
  • Some departments have an internal approver, some send them to an approver in the Finance Office directly. Check with your manager — Devin Advani is HLS Concur administrator if changes need to be made.

Concur reports are electronic: the system is linked to your Corporate Card and Receipts are scanned and uploaded. No Paper! Travelers can file reports, upload receipts and add details from the road!

Expenses that are NOT eligible for payment or reimbursement

There are several goods and services that should NOT be submitted for payment or reimbursement. Among the disallowed items are anything to do with:

  • a birthday, wedding or baby shower
  • personal expenses and services
  • first-class and other extravagant travel arrangements
  • very high gratuities
  • reimbursements or payments to permanent faculty members for commuting expenses such as parking
  • political contributions
  • most fines and penalties, except cancellations directly related to business purposes

Important note about gift cards: Before buying any gifts or gift cards, you must refer to the related policies or reach out to your Finance Contact for guidance – gift cards are considered cash by the IRS and are rarely allowed and must never be purchased with a PCard.

Late Corporate Card Payments or Employee Reimbursements

When was the charge / expense made?Where should it be processed?Important Notes
0-90 Days AgoProcess through ConcurDo not let charges sit on the card – if there is a dispute or fraudulent use, report it and then resolve the problem!
91-182 Days AgoProcess through Payroll as extra compensation (Additional Pay)– Reimbursement will be taxed and will appear in subsequent paycheck.

– Charges on the Corporate Card over 90 days old will be paid in Concur but taxed to the cardholder on subsequent paycheck.
183+ Days Days AgoCardholder can no longer be reimbursed

HLS cannot pay late fees on Corporate Cards.