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What System Do I Use?

What am I trying to do? What system do I use?
Set up a new vendor or search for an existing vendor Buy-to-Pay Supplier Portal
Pay invoices Oracle > select “HRVD^IProcurement”
Reimburse non-employees Oracle > select “HRVD^IProcurement”
Reimburse employees Concur
Make payment to Corporate (Travel) Card Concur
Review and reconcile my PCard Oracle > select “HRVD^PCard^Reviewer”
Order supplies, etc. Oracle > select “HRVD^IProcurement”

How to Access IProcurement in Oracle


  • Login to Harvard Financial Applications Menu

    Access to Oracle, B2P (Buy-to-Pay), PeopleSoft, Concur and HART

    Harvard Financial Applications home page menu.

    Login to access Financial Systems

  • Select "HRVD^IProcurement"

    IProcurement link highlighted on screenshot of Oracle applications home page.

  • Choose actions from the IProcurement Page in Oracle

    Use this Oracle menu option for invoices, ordering from the HCOM Marketplace, and Non-employee Reimbursements.

    Screenshot of Iprocurement landing page.

    The IProcurement page includes the following tabs:

    • Requisitions shows you your own Requests and has a search function for all requisitions.
    • Receiving is a necessary step if the vendor uses Purchase Orders or if you check off that you must confirm receipt of the item(s) purchased before a check can be cut. If you get email from Accounts Payable saying you have not “received” something, click the Receiving tab and “receive” it.
    • Payment Request is where you initiate your transactions, for both invoices and Non-employee Reimbursements.
    • Marketplace/HCOM takes you to our preferred vendor pages, such as W.B. Mason.
    • In the upper right corner, you can click on Shopping Cart and see invoices or reimbursements you have already placed there.