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We have compiled a list of helpful resources and information as you prepare to schedule and plan your event. As the public health situation and related guidance continues to evolve, we will regularly update this and other pages.

In the meantime, please reach out to the Office of Event Scheduling and Support if you have questions.

Room Scheduling & EMS WebApp


How do I book a space at HLS?

Visit our Book a Space page to learn more about the EMS WebApp and what to consider when booking a space.

I can’t log in to the EMS WebApp—who do I contact?

HLS community members should contact Information Technology Services at 617-495-0722 for assistance.

Non-HLS individuals do not have access to book space through the EMS WebApp. Learn more about requesting space through our room request form.

Can I view all the available rooms on a certain date?

Yes! Use the Browse-Locations feature in the left-hand navigation menu of the EMS WebApp to view the schedule for a specific date.

Visit out our EMS walk-through and help guide for more information about the Browse-Locations feature.

How do I find out more information about a specific room setup or what in-room resources are available?

Use the Browse-Locations feature in the left-hand navigation menu of the EMS WebApp and then select the specific room you are interested in.

On the following pop-up screen, you can view the room details, features, images and availability of that specific room on the tabs.

Visit out our EMS walk-through and help guide for more information about the Browse-Locations feature.

I can see an available room in the EMS WebApp—why can’t I book it?

How far in advance can I book space for a HLS event?

This depends on the event date and the room setup type you are interested in. Due to the academic schedule, new spaces become available to book at regular intervals throughout the year.

View Room Release Dates

How do I book the HLS Pub?

Use the Pub Reservation template in the EMS WebApp. Please note that  the pub is not currently open as an event space.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Are there any physical/social distancing requirements at events?

With limited exceptions, physical distancing is no longer required indoors or outdoors. Harvard community members are reminded to be respectful of those that may choose to maintain their distance from others, as well as those who choose to wear a mask.

Unvaccinated persons should continue to protect themselves while on campus by practicing physical distancing when possible, especially when unmasked.

Are face coverings/masks required for events?

As of March 14, general use face coverings are optional in most indoor spaces at Harvard Law School. Limited exceptions include:

  • In Harvard University Health Services facilities
  • At indoor gatherings and events that exceed 250 people.
  • Individuals who are completing isolation or quarantine should continue to wear masks when indoors for the full 10 days following their positive test or close contact, according to existing University protocols.

All members of the HLS community are strongly encouraged to carry a mask with them at all times while on campus in case it may be needed unexpectedly.

Are hand sanitizers available for my event?

The Facilities Management Office will maintain hand sanitizer stations at major building entrances and other high traffic areas but additional stations will not be made available for specific event requests.

Can I invite non-Harvard Law School guests, speakers or attendees to my event?

Yes. Although access to HLS buildings will generally be limited to HLS and Harvard community members in order to reduce the number of guests and non-community members on campus at this time, visitors and guests hosted by individuals, departments, and student organizations are welcome on campus, provided that all of the campus safety requirements outlined below are strictly followed.

Prior to Arrival

Event organizers, departments, and individual hosts are responsible for sending visitors this notification, which outlines Harvard University and HLS’s safety protocols and expectations for their visit.

By virtue of their decision to attend any of our on-campus events or activities, visitors attest and agree to the following:

  • I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 using a vaccine authorized by the FDA or WHO and have received my booster (if eligible); or
  • I qualify for exemption based upon age, a medical contraindication, or firmly held religious belief.

What procedures do authorized visitors and their hosts need to follow?

HLS guidelines also encourage visitors to:

  • Take a COVID test within 24 hours before coming to campus; and
  • Refrain from coming to campus if they receive a positive COVID test result or if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever, chills, muscle/body aches, sore throat, new cough, congested or runny nose, fatigue, headache, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, or any gastrointestinal symptoms).
  • All visitors are also expected to report a positive COVID-19 test result or clinician diagnosis to HUHS via email at immediately if they have been on campus within 48 hours of symptom onset or receive a positive COVID-19 test result.

Am I allowed to host events for the general public?

In an effort to reduce the number of non-community members on campus, HLS buildings are currently closed to the general public and we are not hosting events that are open to the general public at this time.

Special arrangements can be made for visitors, however. Please see the visitor policy and procedures for more information.

Are there University guidelines for Harvard-sponsored events that take place off-campus?

For any off-campus activity, including sponsored and non-sponsored events, all participants must comply with local COVID-19 requirements, including persons who are fully vaccinated. Participants are strongly encouraged to follow University COVID-19 protocols when engaging in off-campus activities, unless more restrictive local COVID-19 requirements exist.

Am I allowed to host virtual events?

Yes!  Virtual events are a great way for you to stay connected, to continue to build community, and to provide opportunities for others to participate safely from their own home or space. Learn more on how to plan a successful virtual event.

Event Planning

Event Planning

How far in advance do I need to order services (audiovisual, catering, room setup, etc) for my event?

Ideally, you should book all services as soon as possible – it is even more important to submit services early for larger or complex events. This gives service providers ample time to prepare and help facilitate your event. You have the ability to add any services needed as you create a new booking request in the EMS WebApp or you can add services up to 72 business hours in advance. Depending on staffing and complexity of needs, services might not be available if requested late.

Visit out our EMS walk-through and help guide for more information about ordering services through the EMS WebApp.

How do I request services for academic courses or non-event space?

I’m co-sponsoring an event with a non-HLS organization—what are my responsibilities?

As the HLS sponsor, you are the main point of contact and are responsible for all details associated with the event, including but not limited to the following:

Visit our Policies and Guidelines page to learn more about your responsibilities as an HLS co-sponsor.

My event is “Under Review”—what does this mean?

The “Under Review” status indicates that the reservation still needs services or other logistical details to be finalized before the event can be confirmed. While events are in the “Under Review” status, the space(s) cannot be reserved by anyone else.

How do I request publicity for an event?

You can add publicity details for your event, and select the audience that can see the information, through the EMS WebApp.

If your event is taking place offsite, in a non-event HLS space (such as an office) or is a large conference or event that utilizes numerous rooms, you can submit your publicity information directly to the Communications Office.

Who is my OES Event Coordinator and how can they help?

Every event booked in the EMS WebApp is assigned a specific OES event coordinator within the Office of Event Scheduling and Support to help with long term event planning and logistics. While all OES staff are available to answer general questions, your assigned coordinator will process any setup requests submitted for your event and will create room diagrams for complex setups.

Your assigned OES event coordinator will be listed on every space confirmation email from our office.

How can I make my event more sustainable?

Harvard Law School is dedicated to building a healthier, more sustainable campus, and we encourage event planners to consider the environment when planning events. Learn more about sustainability at HLS.

If you would like to request additional compost or recycling bins for an event, you may do so by adding setup services to your event in the EMS WebApp. You can also visit the Office for Sustainability’s Sustainable Meeting and Event Guide.