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Many students in the Class of 2022 cite their clinical experiences as the most memorable of their time at HLS. Check out their stories!

Michelle Bao

Michelle Bao ’22 
Favorite HLS class: The Cyberlaw Clinic during my last semester at HLS was the perfect culmination of my time at HLS. I came into law school not 100% sure what exactly I wanted to do after I graduated, but after some trial and error, I’ve realized that I want to build a career doing IP/tech-related work, and being in the clinic really helped to affirm that. I’ll actually be going to a firm after graduation where I’m hoping to focus on IP litigation and data security work!

Fernanda Teodoro

Fernanda Teodoro LL.M. ’22

Most memorable HLS moment or experience: My most memorable HLS experience was the Negotiation & Mediation Clinic last fall. I had the chance to work closely with Suffolk County communities to advance restorative justice practices in the DA’s Office. I was humbled to learn from local restorative justice practitioners and community members about new tools to address harm and crime that challenge traditional measures offered by the criminal justice system.

Mayze Teitler

Mayze Teitler ’22
Favorite HLS class: My favorite class in law school was the Cyberlaw Clinic. I cherished the opportunity to hone my client-representation skills with the fantastic practitioners there and expand my knowledge beyond the typical black letter law classroom. The clinical teams we have are fantastic mentors — law school wouldn’t have been the same without guidance from people like Chris Bavitz and Kendra Albert!

Omeed Alerasool

Omeed Alerasool ’22
Favorite HLS class: During the fall 2020 semester, I enrolled in the Voting Rights Litigation & Advocacy Clinic (now the in-house Election Law Clinic) and corresponding clinical workshop with Ruth Greenwood, as well as the corequisite Election Law course with Nick Stephanopoulos. From these experiences — which included traveling to Virginia Beach, Virginia for a two-week trial involving a successful challenge under the Voting Rights Act — I was able to build the theoretical, doctrinal, and experiential foundation that I am confident will serve me well in my future career.

Zarka Shabir

Zarka Shabir ’22
Most memorable HLS moment or experience: In the fall semester of my 2L year, I got to be part of a team that authored an amicus brief on behalf of the International Human Rights Clinic for the U.S. Supreme Court case, Nestle v. Doe. The experience was an eye-opening crash course in the rigors of litigation and brief-writing. My team was a phenomenal group of women, all of whom were and remain deeply committed to human rights work. Even though we were working remotely, we were still a team and I am really proud of the work we did. Shout out to Jasmine’s dog, Peanut, for Zoom-bombing even in the wee hours of the night!

Travis Arbon ’22
Favorite HLS class: My favorite class was Copyright, because it was an excellent exploration of the ways in which the law shapes, informs, and responds to shifts in culture. And taking it while simultaneously working in the Cyberlaw Clinic helped me gain a real appreciation for the practical importance of ideas that might at first seem only theoretical. It was a real “lightbulb” moment to learn something in class and be able to immediately apply it in the Clinic the next day.

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