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Find guides on how to use WordPress, checking your pages for accessibility, and more.


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WP Engine Blogs

Adding a blog to your WP Engine site is a great way to chronicle updates in your research, keep a record of cases in your…

Informational Blocks

Strategic use of the custom-built blocks in the HLS site can make your content easier to read, scan, and understand. They can also help draw…

Block Basics

What is a block? Each element on your page—from a simple paragraph to a bulleted list to a set of Visual Cards—is known as a…


WPDataTables is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to create a searchable and/or sortable table. This is meant to organize large amounts of information, making…


How to Create an Event Login to WordPress and from dashboard, go to Events >> Add New Add Title in title field and event description…

How to Create a Blog

Internal blogs give departments a place to post announcements, student/alumni stories, how-to articles, and other information that has a timely element - i.e. topics you want to cover, but don’t require a regular webpage. 

How to Create a Page

In this post, we’ll go over how to build a basic page without any blocks. If you’re looking for information about block elements, many of which have been custom designed for HLS.