A video posted on YouTube entitled A Law School Carol has some law journals talking.

The animated video (not quite viral) tells the story of Steve and the visits he receives from the ghosts of his prelaw, law school and postlaw school eras (think Bill Murray’s Scrooge tailored to the law student). The visits offer an unfortunate account of the sacrifices he made to attend law school, the debt he assumed in the process and the limited prospects his degree from a third-tier school will afford.

Although humorous, the video does raise some valid questions about the path law school offers. Considered to be a surefire way to a safe and secure career, the market for lawyers is clearly not what it used to be and many of those not graduating from top law schools may be left out in the cold when it comes time to graduate and find a job.

The warning signs still have not reached many of those interested in going law school. As the National Law Journal explains, applications to ABA accredited law schools went up 5 percent.