Steven Donziger ’91, is at the epitome of what many may consider an epic David v. Goliath legal battle. Donziger is the lead U.S. Attorney in the case of Aguinda v. ChevronTexaco. The case pits 30,000 Ecuadoreans who claim oil drilling done by Texaco (now owned by Chevron) has lead to untold amounts of pollution of water and land where the Ecuadoreans live.

This article features a brief interview with Donziger and Am Law Daily, where the journal asks him about the most recent twists in the case. The lawsuit was filed in 1993 and has turned into a long arduous fight with multiple twists, including the most recent accusation of bribery on the judge presiding over the case, judge Juan Nunez.

Please also note that Steven Donziger is featured in a documentary about this case called Crude, which was released in New York on September 9th and in Los Angeles on September 18th.