Reporters from American Lawyer Daily stopped by NYU School of Law during a hastily put together job fair for deferred associates. The results were mixed and there appeared to be a great deal of confusion among students and potential employers.
Despite the fact that NYU reported around 140 of its 500 graduates are being deferred from their firms next year, the career fair did not pull in many students. In fact, some organizations at the fair said they spoke to more reporters than students. While the school reported it as a success despite the low turnout, some employers called it a bust, with not a single student stopping by their table. The article did confirm that employers were indeed looking and interested in placing students for the year they are being deferred. “One thing was clear to us: There will be a lot of spots for the taking for some eager, interested 3Ls–at least those from NYU and other first-tier schools. Kenneth Rosenfeld, director of legal services at the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, told us he’d take on as many as ten deferred 3Ls–and that only two approached him at Monday’s event. Legal Services of the Bronx wants five of The Deferred, the New York Civil Liberties Union wants four, and all 50 or so organizations that attended want at least one or two.”