Yet another post about the declining appeal of a law firm job. Although not offering entirely new insight, it does help bring up the question to many junior associates who are slaving away if the work is worth it. Increasing demands and pressure from partners, declining pay, and even declining esteem are at play when identifying the new issues young lawyers are facing amidst this job market. As the article goes on to explain,

“It is more than dips in income that are reshaping the law firm culture. The prestige and self-identity of being a lawyer are in play. Pre-shakeout, lawyers could tell themselves that they were, if not exactly Masters of the Universe like investment bankers, perhaps Major-Domos of a Mid-Size Galaxy.

As a young lawyer, you could get through 1 a.m. due-diligence sessions by reminding yourself that you were following in the tradition of Louis Brandeis, Clarence Darrow or, at least, Ally McBeal.

It is harder to maintain that sense of esteem now that your contract work is being farmed out to low-cost lawyers in Bangalore, and your client who is splitting up with her spouse can handle it herself with a $31.99 do-it-yourself divorce kit from Office Depot, said David Lat, the managing editor of Above the Law, a widely read blog about the legal industry.”

You can read the full article here.