For a minority of law school graduates, the legal profession isn’t quite what they’re looking for. Those such as Jason Luros graduate from law school and simply find more available work in fields such as financial planning. Others, however, know the intrinsic value of an advanced degree in law when working with corporate legal departments and getting ahead in their various businesses. Molly Claflin uses her legal education as a stepping stone into politics. Utilizing both the connections she has made and her new-found skills, she has avoided the big-firm jobs in favor of a working for lower-pay but very rewarding position on the Barack Obama campaign.

The idea is that law degrees can be used for a variety of purposes having nothing to do with law and for many graduates, this is an appealing notion. Rachel Knight wants to further her own goals of helping the poor through legal means but at the same time realizes the pressures of having to pay off student loans. As she sees it:

Work in a firm for three years, pay all your debts, then go do what you want. … We’re our own biggest obstacles.