The first step in any job search is answering the question, “how do I decide what kinds of jobs to pursue?”

A successful job search starts with identifying positions that are a good match for your preferences, experience, and skill set. A balance of focus and flexibility is key.

Narrow your focus by thinking about your preferences for issue area, practice setting, geography, and specific types of work. Reflect on your summer, clinical, and extracurricular experiences: what type of work did you enjoy and what type of work are you less interested in?

Consider the story reflected in your resume and how it will match with the jobs you plan to pursue.

Remember: your first job after law school will not be your last! You will rarely land a “perfect” or “dream” job immediately following graduation; your first job is a stepping stone. There will be trade-offs and it is important to be as flexible as you can. With persistence, diligence and hard work, it will pay off!