Writing candidly about her career, a lawyer describes the joys and struggles of choosing to work in the public interest. As an attorney helping low income children with disabilities gain greater educational access, Aisha has forgone the big salaries and glamorous lifestyles of her “corporate big wig counterparts.” She is admittedly influenced by the materialistic impulses of society, and the wide income disparity between private and public interest lawyers has at times complicated her feelings towards her professional decision.

Despite these doubts, Aisha ultimately finds that the intangible satisfaction of public interest work overrides its humble material benefits. She writes, “I won’t lie. I am proud of what I do… I do it because I feel blessed and I feel that to whom much is given much is expected. I believe we can live in a just society and I want to be on the front lines of making this happen. I believe I am fulfilling my faith and I know I am making a difference.” To read the full story, click here.