As we prepare for the arrival of students in a few weeks, we have also been looking back on the past year. In perusing the archives of the Record, we found a number of stories that highlight a year of public service at HLS. A selection of the Record’s public interest stories are linked below.

Bellow Awards Honor Public Service
By: Erin Archerd 4/12/2007

One student and one alum were honored this week with a 2007 Gary Bellow Public Service Award. 3L Rebecca “Bec” Hamilton and Ariel Dulitzky, LLM ’99, received recognition for the public service both at the Law School and internationally. The two winners were chosen by a school-wide vote.

World of Law: In-House Counsel
By: Anna Brook 3/22/2007

As part of the World of Law series, OCS and OPIA held a session exploring in-house counsel last week. Pound 107 filled up with students eager to learn about what this career path offers and how to become in-house counsel. To introduce the panelists and answer one of the main questions, moderator Ginny Greiman began by asking the participants to speak about their jobs and how they got there.

Three Recent Grads Garner Skadden Fellowships
By: Erin Archerd 2/22/2007

This is the third article in a series on public interest fellowships. The first article in the series interviewed 3L Skadden 2007 Fellows Sarah Bolling, Emily Kernan, and Spring Miller. Next week will highlight winners of other 2007 fellowships. It is never too late to apply for a Skadden Public Interest Fellowship, a one-year, renewable fellowship that pays individuals $46,000/year plus benefits to work, develop and implement a project with the organization of their choice.

World of Law: Alternative Careers Panel
Do What Makes You Tick Say HLS Grads

By: Erin Archerd 2/15/2007

You never know how your career is going to end up agreed panelists at last Thursday’s World of Law: Alternative Careers Panel. Sheila Hubbard, Associate Director of the Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising, moderated the event, which was co-sponsored by the Office of Career Services.

Start Exploring Fellowships Early
By: Erin Archerd 2/1/2007

This is the second article in a series on public interest fellowships available to HLS students. In this installment, Fellowships Director Judy Murciano shares tips on how to begin and focus the fellowship search. Judy Murciano, Fellowships Director for the Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising, has an uncanny ability to listen.

Harvard Tops Skadden Fellowships Again
3L 2007 Fellows Eager to Begin

By: Erin Archerd 1/18/2007

Harvard Law School alums and students have once again earned more Skadden Fellowships than those of any other law school. The fellowships pay a one-year salary of $46,000 and benefits, allowing fellows to pursue public interest work in a variety of fields.

Finding a 1L Public Interest Job: A How-To Guide
By: Erin Archerd 11/2/2006

Congratulations, 1L. You’ve decided to take the Summer Public Interest Funding and volunteer your services this summer. Not only do you get to help with the SPIF Auction, which is one of the highlights of the spring semester, you’re going to help others without going broke.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction!
By: Jon Hanson and Goutam Jois 10/19/2006

Just as it does every year this time, the season has clearly changed at Harvard Law School. We’re not referring to the falling leaves or the failed Sox. We’re talking about hundreds of 2Ls donning business attire for their annual migration to the Charles Hotel.

Expertise from the World of Nonprofits
By: Andrea Saenz 10/12/2007

A crowd gathered in Pound Hall on October 4th to see four successful nonprofit lawyers talk about public service, work-life balance, and “the best loss ever.” The World of Law: Nonprofits panel, hosted by the Bernard Koteen Office for Public Interest Advising, was moderated by Legal Aid Bureau instructor David Grossman, and featured a lively and honest discussion of the realities of working in the nonprofit center.

Public Interest Orientation
By: Erin Archerd 9/21/2006

Nearly two-thirds of the 1L class filled the seats and aisles of Austin North last Tuesday evening for the annual Public Interest Orientation. Many were visibly moved by hearing featured speaker Bryan Stevenson, ’85, describe his work as an advocate for death row inmates in Alabama and by his exhortations for students to “hold on” and “create justice.

An Open Letter to the Pigeon
By: Andrea Saenz 9/21/2006

To the person who wrote last week’s editorial, “Being the Braver Pigeon: To OCI or Not OCI”: Your editorial broke my heart. It was incredibly hard to read. I kept thinking of friends of mine you might be. And this is coming from a person who has been telling people that your story is the story of elite law schools for a whole year; that while plenty of students find fulfillment at firms small and large, there are dozens, maybe even hundreds who end up shelving their government or public interest dreams for the job security and sky-high salaries of large law firms that they already know they won’t like.

Amos’s Sermon: Consider An Overseas Fellowship To Enhance Your Development
By: Amos Jones 9/14/2006

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, September 3, 2006 – “Australia is facing deep cultural conflict over same-sex marriages, religious influences on policy and whether to add a bill of rights to the constitution. Post-modern constitutional lawmaking plays a dynamic role in seeing Australia through these complex relations.

Education Law Center of Pennsylvania
By: Erin Archerd 9/14/2006

When you walk into the offices of the Education Law Center and turn down the hall to your right, you’ll see a wall covered in framed photographs. The frames don’t match. Many of the photos are printouts on standard 8.5 x 11 office paper. The pictures aren’t aligned neatly or in any discernable order.

Being The Braver Pigeon: To OCI or Not To OCI

In the past week, I’ve been to the DOJ info session, the DC headhunters talk, an advising appointment with a DC headhunter, an advising appointment with OPIA, firm cocktail receptions, firm brunches. I’ve talked to my parents, best friends from college, law school friends, lawyers whom I happen to know, old bosses.