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Student Spotlights

Taking Care of Business (and Nonprofits, too)

We follow 5 clinical students into the lab, the barbershop and the labyrinth of condominium governance.

Illustration of a human silhouette on a flight of stairs with caution signs on the steps

Cautious about the Precautionary Principle

When writing laws, trying to prevent official abuse can actually create or exacerbate the very risks they are intended to avoid, argues Professor Adrian Vermeule ’93 in his new book, “The Constitution of Risk.”
Illustration of two hands tied together and holding dice

Ruling out Risk?

Banks can no longer make bets with their own money. Some say the reform makes us safer; others say it simply transfers the risk.
Margaret Stock ’92

Stock in Trade: Ingenuity

An immigration lawyer impresses the MacArthur Foundation (Even the General would have been impressed).

On the Border

Students witness the journey of the undocumented
Urs Gasser

Privacy (TBD): In the online space, what is private may depend on who you are and where you live

As Professor of Practice Urs Gasser sets up his PowerPoint and students deploy their notebooks and laptops, a riff of music drifts by. The tune soon reveals itself as a jazz version of the Beatles classic “Here, There and Everywhere”—a title that’s evocative of the global subject covered in this seminar, Comparative Online Privacy.
Elise Young ’14, David Gobaud ’15 and Lindsay Lin ’15: the law student members of Big Data

Crossing Boundaries to Enforce Boundaries

When Elise Young ’14 describes the work she is doing with the Digital Problem Solving Initiative, or DPSI, it almost sounds as if she is telling a joke. Three Harvard Law School students, several computerscientists, a physicist and a design student walk into a room.
Tomiko Brown-Nagin

Brown-Nagin on the Unfinished Business of Civil Rights

The author of the award-winning book “Courage to Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement,“ sees education as the civil rights frontier.
Deborah Anker

Anker on Immigration Rights: ‘We need civil Gideon’

For three decades, Deborah Anker has encouraged students to pursue a more generous immigration policy.

Teaching & Learning

Of Sammelbands, Coutumes and Broadsides

A current exhibit in HLS Library’s Historical & Special Collections department highlights some new and unusual acquisitions, many of which were meant to be accessible to people untrained in the law.

Alumni Notes and Newsmakers