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Passing the Bars

In defense of inmates, students in HLS's Prison Legal Assistance Project test their legal skills and their beliefs.
Ed Norton and wife with mountain backdrop

A Common Good

Cynics call them do-gooders, hopelessly naïve people disconnected from the real world. These days, the cynical view could easily prevail.

Urban Cowboy

One hundred years ago, Owen Wister, a native of Philadelphia and an HLS graduate, published the definitive Western novel.

Animal Attraction

Wildlife photographer Bobby Haas '72 has discovered a place and a passion that have changed his view of the world.

Inside HLS

  • Frank Vogel

    The New World of Islamic Legal Studies

    "We ordinarily don't try to respond to the news of the hour," said Frank Vogel, director of the HLS Islamic Legal Studies Program. But for Vogel, like for so many other people, everything changed on September 11.

  • Gerken, Minow and Judge Abner Mikva

    Progressive Legal Organization Established at HLS

    Twenty years ago, the Federalist Society was founded to change the way people think about the law. It has done its job well, say members of a new HLS student organization that champions liberal values in the law.

  • Gary Bellow portrait

    Students Establish Public Service Award

    In memory of an HLS professor known as a champion of public interest law, HLS students have created the Gary Bellow Public Service Award. Bellow '60, who founded the School's Clinical Program, died in April 2000.

  • Judge Deborah Batts with portrait

    A Portrait of Diversity

    Sometimes a painting is not just a work of art. That's the case with the most recent addition to the HLS collection, praised not only for its style but for all it represents.

  • New Course on Legal Practice Gets Down to Business

    As part of its Strategic Plan, HLS has instituted a program that introduces new students to the practical skills needed in the legal world.

  • The Right of Women

    Do you expect Harvard Law women to be card-carrying liberals? Then you haven't met Cameron Casey '03 or other members of the Alliance of Independent Feminists.

  • Murad Kalam

    Novel Pursuit

    Murad Kalam '02 sprinkles his conversation with name after name after name: Toni Morrison, Saul Bellow, Norman Mailer, W.H. Auden, Virginia Woolf.

Alumni Notes and Newsmakers

  • Professor Burton Caine with students

    A Strong Constitution

    At a time when America could use a goodwill ambassador, Burton Caine '52 may seem like an unlikely candidate. He has sued his country's government and spoken out against its actions.

  • Congresswoman Jane Harman

    ‘A Critically Important Role’ Against Terrorism

    Congresswoman Jane Harman '69 had long been fearful that America would become a target for terrorists.

  • Bruce Silver '65-'66

    Chronic Withdrawal Pains

    I am a Harvard Law School dropout, which makes me a member of a rare and unenviable set. My late father, who never got over my decision to leave America's premier law school, chided me for being bright enough to get into Harvard but not bright enough to stay. From about two years after leaving to the present, I have shared my father's assessment.

  • Irwin Schneiderman '48

    A Conversation with Irwin Schneiderman

    Irwin Schneiderman '48 is senior counsel at Cahill Gordon & Reindel, where he has worked for the past 53 years. A self- described "kid from the Jewish ghetto," Schneiderman is a graduate of Brooklyn College and served as a Navy officer in World War II before enrolling at Harvard Law School.

A Swing in Their Step

Steve Stiglitz '02 and Carrie Campbell '04 twirl around the Hark during a swing dance party in October sponsored by the Ballroom Dance Society of HLS.