Learn more about the government employers currently recruiting through V-PIIP.

Here are resources to help you prepare your applications:

  • OPIA’s website provides an overview of federal, state, and local government work.
  • OPIA’s Career & Application Guides, especially those on Administrative Law, State and Local Government, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices, include narratives from practicing government lawyers.
  • If you are specifically interested in federal government, reach out to HLS Heyman Fellows to learn more about their careers.
  • Some of these employers may have evaluations in the Helios public service organizations database. Review the evaluations to learn more about what an internship experience is like. 
  • Government employers currently registered to participate in V-PIIP (in resume collection or virtual interviews) can be found by searching “government” on the employer list page. Be sure to log into Symplicity CSM for more details and check back as more employers may be added.