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All 1L students must enroll in a 1L January Experiential Term course, a spring International/Comparative Law course, and an upper-level spring elective. Registration for those courses will take place in two separate registration rounds; all course preferences will be entered via HELIOS.

We had held an Information Session on October 23rd. If you missed this session or have more questions regarding 1L registration, come visit the  Ask the Registrar informational tables every Wednesday from 11:30am – 1pm starting October 3 through November 7, by the ramp leading up to the Harkness dining hall. Members of the Registrar’s Office will be available to answer your questions.

  • Time: 11:30am – 1pm
  • Dates: Wednesdays on October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; November 7
  • Location: Tables by the Hark ramp

Registration Process and FAQs

For information on what to expect during registration and how to approach preferencing, please view the 1L Registration Step By Step process document.

Questions about registration? Review answers to frequently asked questions on various topics including requirements, preferencing, and where to find course related resources.

1L January Experiential Term & Spring International/Comparative Law Course Registration

  • Begin entering course preferences: Wednesday, October 24, 9am
  • Course preferencing deadline: Monday, October 29, 5pm
  • Students must rank all 1L January Experiential Term courses and all International/Comparative Law courses in order of preference within one single list.  Students most desired courses should be ranked highest, regardless of term.

1L January Experiential Term Courses

Advocacy: The Courtroom and Beyond (Ara Gershengorn, Erin Walczewski)
Financial Analysis and Business Valuation (John Coates)
Introduction to Trial Advocacy (Ron Sullivan)
Lawyering for Justice in the United States (Esme Caramello, Tyler Giannini, Michael Gregory, Dehlia Umunna)
Negotiation Workshop (Alonzo Emery, Michael Moffitt, Gillien Todd )*
Pathways to Leadership Workshop for the Public/Non-Profit Sector (Susan Crawford)
Pathways to Leadership: Leading Change in the Legal Profession (Scott Westfahl)
What Kind of Lawyer Do You Want to Be?: An Introduction to Legal Practice in Different Practice Settings (Todd Rakoff, Jamie Wacks)

*Please note: There is no difference in course content and expected workload of the 1L January Experiential Term Negotiation Workshop and the Spring Negotiation Workshop that is available for preferencing as a spring elective.  Students cannot take both courses.

International/Comparative Law Courses

Human Rights and International Law (Gerald Neuman)
Law and International Development (Katharina Pistor)
Law and the International Economy (Mark Wu)
Public International Law (Gabriella Blum)
Public International Law (Naz Modirzadeh)
Public International Law (Ann Orford)
The Legal Architecture of Globalization: Money, Debt, and Development (Christine Desan)

Spring Upper-level Elective Registration

  • Begin entering course preferences: Monday, November 5, 9am
  • Course preferencing deadline: Thursday, November 8, 12pm
  • Participating students must rank a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 courses

Below you will find links to lists of elective courses relevant to each 1L section. Please note:

  • You will see other Spring Upper-level Elective courses on the HELIOS registration page, however, you should choose your preferences from the courses listed for your section in the links below. Any course not on your list is not available to your section because you are ineligible to enroll in the class. If you choose to preference a course not included in your section list below, you will waste a preference.
  • By Permission (or “by application”) courses are not included in course preferencing; you must follow the instructions in the course descriptions of these courses in order to obtain permission to enroll. If approved for a by permission course, you do not need to enter preferences during the Spring Upper-level Elective registration round.  It is your responsibility to make sure your 1L classes do not conflict with the course you are applying to; course schedule overlaps of any kind will disqualify you from enrolling in the by permission course.  Please notify the Office of the Registrar if you are approved for a by permission course. Please note: not all by-permission courses are available to first year J.D. students (i.e., 1-credit reading groups).

Spring Upper-level Elective Lists By Section
The 1L Spring Upper-level Elective lists are below.  We encourage you to have your section list with you when submitting your spring elective preferences to ensure you are selecting classes available to your section schedule. Note: revisions will be made to include section-compatible courses that have been updated, removed, or are newly added to the catalog. 

For questions regarding any aspect of Registration, please consider stopping by an Ask the Registrar session. Dates, along with a full registration calendar and additional registration resources, can be found on the Registration Information page. Questions may also be directed to