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About Our Office

Harvard Law School’s Office of Career Services is committed to assisting our students and graduates in their career development. Our goal while you are in law school at Harvard is not just to help you access our network of employers and alumni, but also to give you the skills to enable you to make the most of your career while in school and after graduation.

Among our staff are several advisers, all of whom are attorneys, with different areas of practice expertise. We encourage students to get to know our advising staff and to discuss career concerns with them. As an incoming 1L, your first one-on-one contact with our office will begin in November of your 1L year, as the National Association of Law Placement requires that all schools wait to focus on 1L career issues until November, to allow students time to settle into the academic routine before thinking about job matters.

While at Harvard, you will have access not only to counseling from our attorney advisers, but also to a great range of programs our office offers about different practice areas and career search strategies. We encourage 1Ls to attend programs about different fields of practice, in order to familiarize themselves with career possibilities.

Each year, we also sponsor three on-campus interviewing programs: Early Interview Program (EIP) for 2L & 3L students and Spring Interview Program (SIP) for 1L students, during which employers come to Cambridge to meet our students.

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