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Some students will go into summer jobs wanting to interrupt them for clerkship interviews while others already may have secured early clerkships. That raises the questions of whether, when, and how you should inform your summer employer about potential interviews you hope to have or your clerkship whenever you have secured one. Our general suggestions are yes, at the beginning of the summer, and delicately. Aside from mere professional courtesy, you need to help your summer employer and judge avoid conflicts of interest. To help you navigate these discussions, below are some Q&As:

To whom should I speak, when, and what do I say?
Will I jeopardize a permanent offer with my summer employer if I signal that I have accepted a clerkship or am interested in clerking?
Are there any exceptions to the general principle that employers support clerkships?
Will I indicate that I am not serious about staying in my summer employer's region if I have accepted a clerkship elsewhere or travel elsewhere for clerkship interviews?
Can I get any help from my summer employer in my clerkship search?
Should I still leave for a clerkship interview if I become involved in a time-sensitive project that requires my presence in the office?
Should I do every clerkship interview I am offered?
When are clerkship interviews most likely to take place this summer?
Will my summer employer think less of me if I am not successful in getting a clerkship?