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While most interviewers strive to maintain a professional and sensitive attitude during on-campus and call-back interviews, there may be instances of offensive or discriminatory behavior. Students who believe they have been subject to such behavior may file a complaint in the following manner:

First, file a complaint, either written or orally, with the Assistant Dean for Career Services. Anyone who believes that he or she has been the victim specifically of sexual or gender-based harassment committed by an employer in connection with Law School recruitment activities is entitled to file either a formal or informal complaint under the Law School and University’s Title IX guidelines.

Procedures for complaints under Title IX may be found on here: Section IIC of the Harvard Law School Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures specifically addresses “Procedures Concerning Alleged Harassment by … Employers in Connection with Recruitment.”

For complaints not filed under Title IX, the student may first request one of the following informal procedures:

  • Place the complaint in a confidential file with the Assistant Dean for Career Services so that he may monitor that employer for future complaints;
  • Have the Assistant Dean for Career Services call the employer to discuss the incident and ask for a response on the phone or in writing; or
  • Have the Assistant Dean for Career Services write to notify the employer of a complaint and invite a written response.

The Assistant Dean for Career Services will work with the parties to come to a satisfactory resolution.

In a case where a complaint cannot be handled in this informal manner, the student may want to file a formal written complaint to be addressed by the Career Services Committee

Following a factual investigation, the Committee will decide whether or not there was a violation of our Policies and Guidelines. If the Committee finds there was a violation, it will take one of the following measures:

  • Send a letter of reprimand to the employer;
  • Publicize the complaint to the Law School community;
  • Place the employer on a specified period of probation;
  • Bar the employer from using the Careers Service facilities for a specified amount of time;
  • Impose any other sanctions it may deem appropriate.