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The Office of Career Services coordinates a Summer Mock Interview Program every year. Through this program, we match rising 2L and 3L students with attorneys who are willing to assist the students in honing their interview skills. In a one-on-one meeting at the attorney’s office, the attorney conducts a mock interview with the student and provides constructive feedback. The program provides the lawyer and law firm participants with the opportunity to have meaningful contact with students without the need to travel to Cambridge.

Mock Interviews take place in June and July every year. Because HLS students spend their summers in a wide range of geographic regions, we match students for mock interviews that take place throughout the world.

We recommend that all attorney volunteers review the Mock Interview Guide For Employers (pdf) before conducting mock interviews. We have also put together some sample questions (pdf) to help you get started.

If you would like to become involved in this program, please contact Yih-hsien Shen or Betsy DiPardo for more information.