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The Office of Career Services organizes and hosts numerous career programs and speaker panels each academic year. These programs deal with career exploration, law practice and issue area evaluation, self-assessment, the practical aspects of the job search (both for the Early Interview Program (EIP) and outside EIP) and professionalism. The vast majority of our programs are available as webcasts and podcasts, as well, so that students may have access to this information at any time.

Our programming opportunities include:

  • Career Exploration (podcast and panel discussions highlighting practitioners and different legal practice areas and settings)
  • 1L Summer Job Search and Interviews
  • Alumni-in-Residence Series
  • Alternative and Business Careers
  • Professionalism and Success of the Job
  • Global Practice and International Careers
  • Judicial Clerkship

We welcome firm and alumni participation in our programming. For more information, please contact us at