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The Office of Career Services organizes and hosts numerous career programs and speaker panels throughout the academic year. These programs cover career exploration, law practice and issue area evaluation, self-assessment, the practical aspects of the job search (both for the Early Interview Program (EIP) and outside EIP) and professionalism. The vast majority of our programs are available as webcasts and podcasts so that students have access to this information at any time.

In addition to speaker panels, OCS organizes four interactive events that allow students and practicing attorneys to meet and connect in more profound ways. These events provide an excellent chance to increase your firm’s brand visibility on campus.

  • Masterclass: The Art of Mingling: This program is designed to introduce first-year students to the techniques that will allow them to be successful on the job and during the interview process. Students participate in an informative program about navigating networking events and then immediately flow into a networking reception with participating attorneys. Students learn more about sponsor firms while practicing their newfound skills. This is the premiere Fall semester event to gain visibility and meet 1L students. A sponsorship commitment is required.
  • The 1L Mock Interview Program: This interactive workshop provides students with an opportunity to get real feedback from practicing attorneys on how to refine their interview skills. Attorneys meet with approximately 6 students and conduct 30 minute mock interviews. Scheduling is coordinated by OCS and the event takes place during the fall semester.
  • The Regional Legal Market Mixer: This event is a networking reception that draws attorney representatives from firms in a variety of target geographic regions which facilitates 1L and employer relationships. Geographic regions represented include: New York, Washington, D.C., Northern and Southern California, Chicago, and Boston. It is the premiere spring semester event heading into the recruiting season. A sponsorship commitment is required.
  • Summer Mock Interview Program: This program matches rising 2L students with attorneys for a one-on-one meeting at the attorney’s office where the attorney conducts a mock interview with the student and provides constructive feedback. The program which occurs in June and July, provides the lawyer and law firm participants with the opportunity to have meaningful contact with students without the need to travel to Cambridge. Because HLS students spend their summers in a wide range of geographic regions, mock interviews take place throughout the world.


The OCS website includes recorded podcasts from law firms and other legal employers for students to download. These instructional podcasts feature short interviews with firm representatives and cover practice areas, practice settings, professionalism, and on-the-job skills. These podcasts are crafted to give students an opportunity to learn more about a subject from practicing attorneys.

Please note that the opinions expressed in the podcasts and any materials linked therewith represent the views of the speakers and do not necessarily represent those of the Office of Career Services, Harvard Law School or Harvard University.


We welcome firm and alumni participation in our programming. For all inquiries, contact us at