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Please note that our Early Interview Program has been moved to January 2021. The content on this page is under review and will be updated to reflect the new timeline.

Harvard Law School (HLS) hosts multiple on-campus interview (OCI) programs throughout the year. All OCI programs offer the option of 20- or 30-minutes interviews. An interview schedule consisting of 20-minute interviews allows for 20 interview slots while an interview schedule consisting of 30-minute interviews allows for 13 interview slots. If your organization is unable to send a recruiter to Cambridge for our OCI programs, we encourage you to register for our Resume Collection Program.

2020 OCI Program Comparison

2020 Spring
Interview Program
2020 Early
Interview Program
2020 Public Interest
Interview Program
Participating Employers All Employers Private Sector
Public Interest &
Non Profit
Participating Students 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls Rising 2Ls & 3Ls 2Ls & 3Ls
Interview Program Dates January 27 to February 5 July 27 – July 31 Early September
Location HLS campus The Charles Hotel HLS campus
Interview Times 9 am to 7 pm 9 am to 5:20 pm 9 am to 7 pm
Callback Period N/A August 3 to September 4 N/A
OCI Registration Deadline(s) January 2 June 19
Fees** $250 – 1st schedule*
$0 – additional schedules
$750 per schedule** $0
Additional Information SIP Overview EIP Overview PIIP Overview

* Government, public interest & non-profit employers are exempt from OCI fees. There are no fees for resume collections.

** Firms with 40 or fewer attorneys qualify for a reduced fee of $350 for the first interview schedule.

Additional Recruitment Options

Recruitment Policies

All employers participating in our OCI programs are expected to comply with Harvard Law School’s Recruiting Policies & Guidelines.


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