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Harvard Law School (HLS) hosts multiple on-campus interview (OCI) programs throughout the year. All OCI programs offer the option of 20- or 30-minutes interviews. An interview schedule consisting of 20-minute interviews allows for 20 interview slots while an interview schedule consisting of 30-minute interviews allows for 13 interview slots. If your organization is unable to send a recruiter to Cambridge for our OCI programs, we encourage you to register for our Resume Collection Program.

2018-2019 OCI Program Comparison

2019 Spring
Interview Program
2018 Early
Interview Program
2018 Public Interest
Interview Program
Participating Employers All Employers Private Sector
Public Interest &
Non Profit
Participating Students 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls Rising 2Ls & 3Ls 2Ls & 3Ls
Interview Program Dates January 28 to February 6 August 6 to 10 September 10 – 14
Location HLS campus The Charles Hotel HLS campus
Interview Times 9 am to 7 pm 9 am to 5:20 pm 9 am to 7 pm
Callback Period N/A August 13 to August 31 N/A
OCI Registration Deadline(s) January 2 June 29 (opens in early February)
Fees** $250 – 1st schedule*
$0 – additional schedules
$700 per schedule** $0
Additional Information SIP Overview EIP Overview PIIP Overview

* Government, public interest & non-profit employers are exempt from OCI fees. There are no fees for resume collections.

** Firms with 40 or fewer attorneys qualify for a reduced fee of $350 for the first interview schedule.

Additional Recruitment Options

Recruitment Policies

All employers participating in our OCI programs are expected to comply with Harvard Law School’s Recruiting Policies & Guidelines and NALP Timing Guidelines.


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