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We look forward to hosting your organization virtually for Harvard Law School’s 2021 Early Interview Program (EIP). Below is information to help your interviews via InternX run smoothly:

  • Interview schedules and student resumes will be available through Symplicity on Wednesday, August 4th.
  • Transcript packets will be provided to schedule contacts on the day of your interviews.

Please note, students will have the option to add interviews with your organization the day before your interview date through a process facilitated by OCS. As such, please do not fill the empty slots in your interview schedules or they may be double-booked. If you do not wish to have empty interview slots filled, please let us know by email to

InternX Troubleshooting

  1. Interviewers should log off VPN when using InternX as the VPN disrupts the call connectivity.
  2. Interviewers should only use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and iPads reduce call quality significantly.
  3. Interviews need a strong wifi connection. Interviewers can run a network test directly in InternX. We recommend over 400kbps for both audio and video.
  4. Use either Safari or Chrome and set the browser permissions to “Allow” for both the mic and camera.
  5. If interviewers are using an external camera or speakers/microphone – they must be set as defaults for the computer.
  6. The fastest way to get support is by clicking on the green intercom button at the bottom right of the screen. InternX support will be available 7:30am ET to 8pm ET during HLS EIP

It is recommended that your company IT department review the technical specifications (pdf) and ensure that the IP address contained within is whitelisted.


Assigning Interviewers to Schedules

Assigning Interviewers to Schedules

COMPANY ADMINS – Please record your interviewers directly in InternX. By setting up your interviewers in InternX, you will have direct access to their interview login links, which you can share with them at any time. To record your interviewers, please take the following steps: 

  1. Login to InternX 
  2. Click on the “Interviewer Users” tab at the top 
  3. View which interviewers are currently listed with your organization 
  4. If you need to add interviewers, click “New Interviewer” and enter their name and email address 
  5. For all interviewers, click “Show Link” to access their individual login link for their interviews 
  6. Click on the “Meetings” tab at the top of your screen, meetings will list schedule IDs that match the schedule ID in Symplicity and the office locations are listed in the description. 
  7. For each schedule, click “Edit” in the top corner and enter the name of your interviewer(s) in the “Assistants” section, then scroll down to press save. Please DO NOT change any of the other sections of the meeting as it will prevent successful uploads from Symplicity of your interviews. 

Adding Alternative Conference Links

Adding Alternative Conference Links

It is our strong preference that interviews remain in InternX. It helps our students keep all of their meetings organized in a platform that that have been using all year. If your interviewer is unable to use InternX, you may insert an alternative conference link such as Zoom or Webex directly into InternX. This allows our students to continue to access meetings through InternX, while your interviewers remain in the alternative platform.

To add a Zoom or Webex link to your InternX schedule:

  1. Click on the Meetings Tab
  2. Click the green “edit” button on the schedule ID you want to insert a link for

InternX meeting edit button

3.  In the pop-up, scroll down and enter the Zoom or Webex meeting link in the space for “Conference URL” then press save. Be sure to give your link to your interview, you DO NOT need to provide the link to the student. The student will automatically              navigate there from InternX when they click their join meeting button.


InternX Webinar

InternX Webinar

Test your network, video, and audio

Test your network, video, and audio

  1. Once in your account, navigate to the “Meetings” tab at the top.
  2. Click on the title of an upcoming meeting (one of your scheduled interviews).
  3. Click on the test audio and video button. 
  4. A pop-up called “Network Test” will appear. InternX Network Test Screen showing audio and video network quality
  5. Chrome and Safari may ask you to allow your video and mic – please select ‘yes’ for both.
  6. Make sure that your video and audio is being picked up by the system (you should see yourself and the audio register should move when you speak).
  7. Click the green [Start] button to run a test that will check your network strength, audio, and video.
  8. After running the test you will see a quality rating for your audio and video.

Set your default Camera and Microphone

If any of your interviewers plan to use external web cameras or microphones for their interviews, please ensure that they are set as their default cameras or microphones

If users cannot complete the steps below, the firm has blocked this capability on the computer. Please contact IT and have them temporarily disable the interviewer’s built-in camera and set the external camera as the default option.

To set an external webcam as default (Windows):
1. Press Windows key + X.
2. Select Control Panel.
3. Click on Devices and Printers.
4. Check if the external webcam is listed.
5. Right click on the external webcam.
6. Click on Set this device as default.

To set an external microphone as default (Windows):
1. Open Settings.
2. Click on System.
3. Click on Sound.
4. Under the “Input” section, use the Choose input device drop-down menu and select the new default microphone.

Interviewer: How To Conduct Your Interviews

Interviewer: How To Conduct Your Interviews

Interviewers do not need a login password to access their interviews in InternX. Interviews will receive a link to access their interview schedule in InternX either from their company recruiting admin (see above) or directly from InternX in an email the morning of their interviewers (ask your company recruiting admin how you will receive your link).

Test Your Video, Audio and Network Speed

Be sure to log out of your company VPN and use a Chrome or Safari browser on your computer (not phone or tablet)

Conduct Your Interviews

  • Click on the link provided to your by your recruiting company admin or the email directly from InternX
  • Click on your “Meetings” tab at the top of your screen
  • Click on the meeting title “HLS Schedule ID [number] [Firm Name]”
  • Scroll down to see your list of students and the time of the their interview
  • At the start of their interview the “Start meeting” button will turn from gray to green and become clickable – click the “Start meeting” to begin the interview.

In Your Interview

  • Your video will begin off – click the camera button at the bottom of your screen to turn it on
  • Your audio will be on – click the microphone button to mute yourself in needed

InternX in meeting display of two people

  • A timer will be viewable at the bottom of your screen to let you know how much time remains in your interview.
  • To view student materials (resume and transcript) scroll below the video screen and click on “resume”
  • To chat with your student via text chat, click on the blue chat bubble in the bottom middle of the video screen near the camera and mic controls.
  • To end your interview, click on the “end call” button or to go directly to the next student, click “go to next student”

InternX Support

  • InternX support will be available 7:30am ET to 8pm ET during HLS EIP (even if the chat says that it is closed)
  • Click on the green intercom button in the bottom right of your screen to access InternX support



For assistance please contact us at