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Please note that our Early Interview Program has been moved to January 2021. The content on this page is under review and will be updated to reflect the new timeline.

General Information

Please visit our OCI Program Comparison webpage to determine which Harvard Law School (HLS) recruitment program best suits your organization’s recruiting needs. EIP Registration opens February 10.

EIP Week at the Charles Hotel

Through the Early Interview Program (EIP) Week, law firms, businesses and other private sector employers are welcome to interview rising 2L students for summer 2021 positions and/or 3L students for post-graduate positions beginning in fall 2021.

EIP Preview

New this year, HLS is piloting EIP Preview. If you are registered for EIP Week, you may also opt to register for EIP Preview. During EIP Preview, students will bid on up to 5 firms in early June. Employers will receive student application materials (resume and transcript) on June 22.

  • Employers should notify candidates by July 10 if the candidate will be receiving an interview through EIP Preview.
  • Candidates not selected to interview through EIP Preview may still bid on the employer for EIP Week.
  • Candidates who are selected to interview with an employer through EIP Preview may not bid on that employer for EIP Week.
  • EIP Preview Interviews should take place prior to July 24 or between August 3 – September 4. EIP Preview Interviews cannot take place during EIP Week (July 27 – 31).
  • This summer prior to EIP Week, students will be working at summer internships. We strongly encourage, employers seeking to interview students through EIP Preview to schedule interviews at times that do not conflict with these work obligations and to utilize video conferencing and other applicable technologies where possible.
  • Offers made to students through EIP Preview will remain open for 21 days after the date of the offer letter, or 21 days after the last day of Harvard’s EIP Week, whichever is later. Firms with anticipated summer programs of less than 10 students may receive an exception, reducing the offer period to 14 days. See our recruiting policies regarding exceptions for firms.

EIP Week Interview Location and Dates

EIP Week interviews will take place from July 27 to July 31, 2020 between 9 am and 5:20 pm at The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA.

  • Information regarding interview dates and the booking of hotel rooms will be sent March 16 for employers registered by the March 3 priority deadline and on a rolling basis for those registered after March 3.
  • Date assignments move up one day each year when possible. For example, an employer interviewing on Tuesday in 2019 would interview on Monday in 2020. An employer interviewing on Monday in 2019 would interview on Friday in 2020.
  • See dates and deadlines below for more information about the important dates leading up to EIP.

EIP Week Interview Assignments and Schedules

Student interviews for EIP Week are assigned via lottery which takes into account student ranking preferences. Students have a period to drop assigned interviews and sign up for open slots.

  • After this process is complete, employers will receive their interview schedule with student resumes (July 21).
  • A final schedule will be provided at check-in on the morning of the interview date.
  • During EIP Week, there is a daily add process each morning from 8:30 – 11:30am where students can sign up to interview in the open slots on the interview schedules for that day. When added, students will write their name on the schedule posted on the interview room door and leave a copy of their resume.

EIP Week Interview Length Options

Employers have the option of choosing 20- or 30-minutes interviews.

  • One schedule of 20-minute interviews allows for 20 interview slots.
  • One schedule of 30-minute interviews allows for 13 interview slots.

EIP Week Fees

$750 per interview schedule.

  • Firms with 40 or fewer attorneys are eligible for a reduced rate of $350 for the first interview schedule.
  • Please visit our OCI Program Comparison for more information about EIP fees.

Resume Collections

If your organization is unable to visit Cambridge for on-campus interviews, we encourage you to participate in our Resume Collection Program.

HLS Grading System

Please visit our HLS Grading Policy webpage for details. Note that Harvard does not allow pre-screening for on-campus interviews, see Recruiting Policies below for more information.

EIP Student Callbacks Timing

As you plan for the upcoming recruiting season, we ask all EIP employers to conduct EIP Week callback interviews between August 3 – September 4. Please note that classes will begin on September 8 for 2Ls and 3Ls. Consistent with Harvard Law School’s Recruiting Policies & Guidelines, employers may not conduct callback interviews during the week of EIP (July 27 – 31). EIP Preview interviews should take place prior to July 24 or between August 3 – September 4. EIP Preview interviews cannot take place during EIP Week (July 27 – 31).

We ask that employers inviting candidates to visit their offices explain the organization’s travel expense reimbursement policy prior to the visit. Travel expenses include airfare, rental cars, taxis, and food allowance. It is our experience that clarifying these issues prior to the callback period avoids misunderstandings that may arise when reimbursement policies are not explicit.


Dates and Deadlines for 2020

 Date(s) Event
February 10 Registration opens for EIP Week and EIP Preview
Register in Symplicity and read more about registration requirements.
March 3 Priority registration deadline
Employers that complete registration by March 3 will be notified of their interview date and can begin reserving interview and sleeping rooms at The Charles Hotel on March 16. Employers that complete registration after March 3 will be notified of their organization’s interview date(s) on a rolling basis up to the final registration deadline on June 19.
March 16 Interview dates & hotel reservations
March 16 is the first date to submit room reservations to the Charles Hotel.
June 15 – June 19 Confirmation Period
This week is the last opportunity to make adjustments to interview schedules before students begin bidding.
June 19 Final EIP registration deadline 
June 22 EIP Preview applications sent to employers 
June 23 – July 13 Student bidding / application period for EIP Week
July 10 EIP Preview Notification Deadline
Last day for employers to notify candidates if they will be receiving an interview from Preview. Interviews must take place before July 24 or after July 31
July 13 – July 16 EIP Week Bid Review Period
Learn how many students applied to interview with your organization. This is the last opportunity to adjust interview schedules with OCS & reservations with The Charles Hotel.
July 21 Interview schedules & student resumes released
Interview schedules and student resumes will be available in Symplicity.
July 27 – July 31 EIP Week Interviews
Interviews take place at the Charles Hotel between 9 am and 5:20 pm.
July 27 EIP Resume collection applications released
Resumes & transcripts from students who bid on resume collections will be available in Symplicity.
August 3 – September 4 EIP Callback Interview Period
Callback interviews should not be scheduled to take place during the week of EIP (July 27 – 31).
September 7 Labor Day
September 8 Fall 2020 classes begin for 2Ls & 3Ls


Recruiting Policies

Employers participating in EIP are expected to comply with Harvard Law School’s Recruiting Policies & Guidelines.

Employers are not permitted to pre-screen candidates. A randomized lottery procedure utilizing students’ employer preferences is used to assign interviews. This process is designed to maximize interviewing opportunities for both students and employers. Other than resumes, employers should not ask for additional documents such as a transcript in advance of their interviews. If requested, students will bring transcripts, writing samples and / or references to the interview. Employers also should not request students to submit a cover letter with their resume or to bring one to their interview.



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