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The Office of Career Services has returned to campus. We are offering in-person and virtual appointments and services. Visit Contact Information and Directions for more information. 

The OCS Career FRAME is a way of organizing the way you think about what you need to accomplish to reach your career goals.  During your time at HLS, ensure that you are addressing all five components of the Career FRAME – Fundamentals, Relationships, Assessment, Materials and Exploration. Doing so will set you up for success in the profession.

Career FRAME Recorded Programs

Career FRAME Recorded Programs

Title Date Length Format

EXPLORATION: Figuring Out What Lawyers Do

OCS Career FRAME Series

Helen Long, Office of Career Services

34:46 Video Play

MATERIALS: Crafting The Best Job Application Materials

OCS Career FRAME Series

Jason McCann, Office of Career Services

25:58 Video Play

ASSESSMENT: Learning What You Like & What You Don’t

OCS Career FRAME Series

Dena Sacco, Office of Career Services

26:01 Video Play

RELATIONSHIPS: Meeting the People You Need To

OCS Career FRAME Series

Yih-hsien Shen, Office of Career Services

26:33 Video Play

FUNDAMENTALS: Getting the Jobs That Become Your Career

OCS Career FRAME Series

Sara Dana, Office of Career Services

32:06 Video Play