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The Office of Career Services (OCS) is a team of advisors and recruitment professionals who work with current students, alumni and employers with a focus on private sector careers and judicial clerkships. We work closely with our sister office, the Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA), who advise students and alumni on public sector career pursuits. The following provides a summary of the many services and resources offered by OCS.

Career Advising

Individual career counseling on a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Self Assessment
  • Job search strategies
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Career transitions
  • Evaluation of offers

Our advisors, all of whom have law degrees and years of practice experience, are available daily for one-on-one appointments. In addition to this, we offer:

  • Walk-in advising hours for quick questions
  • 3L Peer Advisors, who offer a student perspective

Career Programming

Career programs and panels exploring legal practice areas and settings, professional development, practical aspects of the job search and how to succeed on the job. We offer webcasts and podcasts so students can have access to this information any time.

We offer more than 100 programs and podcasts annually covering the following areas:

  • Career exploration (featuring leading members of the profession who come to discuss their practice areas)
  • Regional Headhunter Market series
  • 1L Summer Job Search Nuts & Bolts
  • 2L & 3L Job Search Nuts & Bolts
  • Alumni in Residence series (featuring alumni in alternative careers)
  • Business careers
  • Professionalism 101 and Success in the Workplace
  • Judicial Clerkships
  • Global Practice and International careers
  • Masterclass (unique hands-on programs to introduce students to the art of professional dining and mingling)

Recruitment Programs

The OCS recruitment team works year round with employers to coordinate on-campus interviews and other job search programs, such as:

  • Early Interviewing Program (EIP)
  • Spring Interviewing Program (SIP)
  • International Summer Employment Program (ISEP), for students interested in working overseas
  • Overseas Trained LL.M. Student Interview Program

OCS Website and Blogs

  • OCS website, one of the most comprehensive in the country, which contains articles and information on a broad range of student career topics ranging from career exploration to interviewing, networking and to succeeding on the job
  • Hire Ground, which provides helpful advice and the latest trends in legal hiring
  • The Bench, focusing on judicial clerkships

Additional Resources

  • Amicus is a a community building tool, featuring a student directory, with advanced search and messaging capabilities. It enables you to reconnect with friends and classmates, forge new relationships across shared interests, and deepen your community.
  • Our online recruiting tool, the Career Services Manager (CSM), serves as a clearinghouse for recruiting information and features many additional resources including but not limited to:
    • Job postings from employers throughout the country and around the world
    • A searchable database of student summer evaluations
    • A searchable database of judges’ names and addresses
    • A database of student and alumni evaluations regarding their clerkship experiences
    • Student evaluations of clerkship interviews
    • A real time database of judges’ hiring information so that students and alumni can track their application status
  • Videoconference interviews year round
  • The OCS Resource Library, available in Wasserstein Hall, Room 4020, with a selection of career related books, newspapers and periodicals
  • A computer kiosk that provides a gateway to extensive online resources and subscriptions